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Nowadays most of young people want to have their own business, that’s a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs. Truth is, only a fraction of those people ever really start a business. Some get comfortable in a lifestyle that they can’t afford to give up. Others realise just how hard it is to be an entrepreneur and never try. Sometimes life just happens and makes entrepreneurship unattainable.
Of the few that actually try to start a business, many fail. The ones that succeed, though, have a few things in common. But be willing to learn from them or hire someone to get out of the rat race and be your own boss someday. As example never underestimate how important it is to be able to sell. It’s at the top of the list on purpose. Even if you never have to sell to clients, you will have to sell your ideas to investors, sell your company vision to prospective employees, and sell consumers or customers on your brand. Selling is absolutely critical to your success.
No business is successful on day one. Almost no businesses are successful after year one. If you think entrepreneurship is the ticket to instant riches, you need a reality check. Not only will you have to work hard for a long-term goal, you will probably have to work hard in the face of what seems like certain failure at times.
Can’t forget the main factor, Discipline which isn’t just about working hard, but you do have to do that. Discipline is also about managing your entrepreneurial tendencies. Many natural born entrepreneurs are blessed with a mind that is an idea-generating machine. The good news is that some of those ideas are gold mines. The bad news is that if you continually pursue new ideas, old ideas never get developed to fruition.
There is one important tip, building rapport means building respect, a reputation, and hopefully key alliances along the way. The ability to get people to listen and trust them. You will need to build relationships as an entrepreneur, no business is an island.
While you may be a natural born follower, as a business owner, you will have to be able to lead. That means trusting an inner compass to guide you when there are no outside indications as to what step to take next. It means having people rely on you. And it even means forgoing the road less travelled for bushwhacking your own path.
And last not least, to be an entrepreneur you need to be inspired. You will likely have to inspire others such as employees and your first customers who will have to believe in you with no track record. But most of all you will continue to have to inspire yourself, because sometimes your vision is the only thing that can lead you out of one phase of your business and into the next.

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