Rahma Haruna: Life revolved around a plastic basin

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Rahma Haruna: Life revolved around a plastic basin

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Rahma Haruna, the teenage Nigerian girl, who spent her life being carried around in a plastic basin because her body stopped growing when she was a baby has died.
Rahma caught the spotlight around the world after a picture of her being carried by her 10-year-old brother was shared online by a journalist named. Sani Maikatanga, who also shared news of the 19-year-old’s death.

She said tweeted,’Rahma Haruna a 19 years old girl has passed away on December 25, 2016.’
Rahma was with a condition which meant her body stopped developing, even though her head grew to the size of a normal teenager.
She is believed to have been in constant pain because of the condition, and needed to be in the plastic bowl in order to keep herself upright.
The teenager was recently been given a wheelchair so that she could be pushed around in her bowl. She had spoken of her desire to one day become a grocer and run a small shop, according to reports.

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