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How IIMA, XLRI, SPJIMR Ensure Students Get Good Placements
Karan (name changed), a student of the 2017 batch of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), had a pre placement offer from an FMCG major after doing summer internship with the company. However, he applied to four more companies most o
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PM Narendra Modi Should Focus On Stable Policies, Tax Rates To Revive Indian Economy
The government is worried about the economy. In the past week, different ministries have seen a flurry of meetings to brainstorm how they can add some zip to the economy. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council, which had not been c
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Beyond The Obvious
After working for 12 years, Lakshmi Ravindran decided to take a break from work to look after her two children. Two years later, she decided to return to the corporate world and started looking for work. But there was a problem. While she was at home
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India's Best B schools
Change is wafting through the air. From corporate board rooms to business school campuses, the new rules of the game are engaging all and sundry. Indeed, the past 12 months have been a tumultuous phase for the Indian economy and businesses from the
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Present Everywhere
Earlier this year, online retail giant Alibaba picked up stakes in Chinese supermarket chains Hema and Bailan; Amazon bought out grocery chain Whole Foods for a whopping $13.7 billion; and, last year, the world's largest brick and mortar supermarket
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Power Struggle
Over the next 14 months, the government wants to illuminate every home in India that's a staggering 4,05,11,995 households. The move, however, might just end up plunging into darkness power distribution companies, or Discoms, already struggling to
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Rs 90,669 crore GST collections in August, less than what the government was expecting. The July collections were Rs 94,063 crore. Only 55 per cent assessees paid tax for August, compared to 64 per cent for July. Quote "The prime minister claims that
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Invest, But Cautiously
If it was not for some of our investors looking for an exit, we might have not listed our company," says Murugavel Janakiraman, CEO, The company, whose initial public offering, or IPO, in September mopped up nearly Rs500 crore at Rs985
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Cash Upfront
The Narendra Modi government may have had some role in the current slowdown, but it cannot be blamed for not trying to correct the situation. All central ministries and departments, with primary responsibility for social and infrastructure spending,
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A Long Haul
When the Financial Times came out with its Global MBA Ranking in 2017, it was a mixed bag for Indian B schools. Not a single Indian institution was among the top 25 although INSEAD (France and Singapore) grabbed the top spot for two years running. Hy
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How we Did It
This is the third year that Business Today and MDRA are bringing out the most exhaustive list of B schools offering full time management courses (PGDM/MBA), established at least five years ago and with at least three passed out batches. The second st
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"Most Practices We Teach Have Roots In India"
What made you look at the connect between mindfulness and the business environment? I feel that if even a seriously flawed person like me can benefit so profoundly from mindfulness, I know others can too, and I want to help everybody in the world bec
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The Infra Push
Picture this. Multiple screens in a room flashing stock market updates, currency fluctuations and bond yields with people poring over the information. Complex graphs are showing the trends over the day, months and years. Strange as it may sound, the
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Local Turf, Global Reach
There are only about 20 odd international students in the top ten B Schools in India. Not surprisingly, Indian B Schools are pulling out all stops to secure global recognition for their brands. And that comes in the form of acquiring global accredita
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Autonomy and After
To appreciate the new Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bill, 2017, it is necessary to note the considerable distance it has travelled from past paradigms of command and control that defined the relationship between the IIMs and their 'owners'. It
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Bad Figures, Good Economists
Our last and current Prime Minister could not be more different: the only identifier they share is a beard. Manmohan Singh was highly educated; but for a friendship he made with I.G. Patel while he was a student in Cambridge, he might have ended up a
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Letters To The Editor
Most Powerful Women: Value for Money This refers to your special issue on the Most Powerful Women in Business (October 8). All the 30 winners in business category and 23 winners in the impact category deserve to be included in your list by virtue of
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B Schools In A Slowing Economy
If you were to go only by the placement records of the top 10 odd business schools in the country, you would never think that economic growth has been slowing down for over a year now. The best B schools the top 50 or so manage to place their stu
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Powerhouse Duo
While the all screen iPhone X with FaceID is eagerly awaited, we got our hands on the iPhone 8 (4.7 inch display) and 8 Plus (5.5 inch display). Here's our first impression: The designs of the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 are not very different from th
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Best Reads
Sell: The Art, the Science,the Witchcraft By Subroto Bagchi; 256 pages; `499; Hachette With his vast knowledge on salesmanship, insights and anecdotes, the author creates an essential guide to becoming a successful seller whether of a product, a se
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The Best Yet
After the Note 7 battery fiasco, Samsung's time under the sun has come. The Korean giant has hit a home run with the Note 8. Unlike other smartphones in the Note series that sport a 5.5 5.7 inch display, the Note 8 boasts a 6.3 inch 'infinity' displa
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"We Give Our Code To No One"
John Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco, tells Rajeev Dubey that the company will not provide unique capability to any country. Q. Are you for or against open networks and net neutrality? I'm a huge believer that the benefits of the network shoul
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A La Mode
Imagine a TV that can be hung on the wall and admired even when it is switched off. The likes of Samsung, Sony and LG have launched television sets that pack in the latest technology and blend in with the aesthetics of your living room, effortlessly.
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A Green Chulha for Rural India
Indoor air pollution, caused by smoke from traditional chulhas, is the biggest health risk faced by rural households in India. Every year it kills over 4.3 million people globally, which is higher than malaria, HIV and tuberculosis combined. "Rural I
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On a Rescue Mission
Sunitha Krishnan is proud. One of her young charges, a third year medical student, has topped all her semester examinations. But unlike other talented youngsters, her life started on G.B. Road, a red light area in Delhi. Krishnan rescued the four yea
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Fuelling Start ups
Padmaja Ruparel has a simple philosophy in life. She calls it playing the game: "It is not what one gains; it is what one creates." Ruparel has built institutions, and seen the gains flow. She involved herself with The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) aroun
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Healing Drought
Rajasthan and a number of states were reeling under a severe drought in 2003, and the farmers were the worst hit. Their tale of woe spread fast and caught the attention of Amla Ruia, a social entrepreneur and wife of Ashok Kumar Ruia, Chairman and Ma
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Healthy Profits
Prathap C. Reddy, the Chairman of Apollo Hospitals, refers to Suneeta, the second of his four daughters who keeps a tight grip on group finances, as Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, for the group. So it was not surprising when her name figured in this
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Bringing Change at the Grassroots
When floods struck seven districts of Gujarat in July this year, Nita Ambani rushed to the spot. Reliance Foundation, of which she is chairperson, has since then adopted four among the worst hit villages in Banaskantha and Patan districts, pledging t
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A Big Leap
When Alice Vaidyan, 58, was preparing for General Insurance Corporation's, or GIC's foray into crop reinsurance, she was scouting for a protection policy, or reinsurance. The search took her to Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway. She flew down to New
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