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Culinary Heroes
Rice and shine Amit Das, 35, Executive Chef, Sheraton Hyderabad Treat yourself to Chef Amit Da's Indian style sushi or dessert pizza tossed from the new menu introductions at the coffee shop and Zega, the pan Asian restaurant at Sheraton Hyderabad. W
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8 Things To Look Forward To
1. Eat and Play Cafe Unlocked is one of those places where you'll be tempted to lock your phone screen and spend time on conversations, games and good food. Within two months of its launch, the place has already become the youth's favourite hangout.
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Gift A Celebration
Te.Cha Tea Boutique Skip the typical sugary sweets and gift a tea hamper instead. At Te.Cha, Ahmedabad's first luxury tea boutique, owners Avi and Rishabh Duggar have curated a collection of exotic tea blends that make for thoughtful and memorable gi
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Jaipur Chic
Paper art Neerja Palisetty, 42, Founder and Owner, Sutrakaar Creations Her weaving studio, Sutakaar Creations may be just a year old, but Neerja Palisetty, who belongs to a family of weavers in Ponduru in Andhra Pradesh, has been involved with weavin
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Paper Trails
After the death of 67 year old Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bafanna in 2015, Hyderabad lost a book connoisseur, and among those who thought of him as a dear friend is author William Dalrymple, who was a familiar figure in the narrow bylane that houses Bafanna'
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Loo And Behold
Walk into the 6,000 sq ft flagship Sternhagen showroom in Ahmedabad and it's easy to confuse it with an art gallery. Why? Because the brain behind the design, Swiss architect Jan Fischer of Mach Architektur GmbH intended to do just that. The project
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A World Of Style
Aniruddh Ghosh Creative Head, Design Concept, Delhi In early 2014, my firm was contacted by a German couple who had stumbled upon our website while on their lookout for an interior designer in Delhi. They had gone through our
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From The Editor In Chief
In a letter from the editor on Pranab Mukherjee back in 2010, I noted that his habit of writing a daily diary would be pure gold for a publisher looking for memoirs. How right I was. Having shed the responsibility of being president at a difficult ti
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Telecom Industry Is In Trouble And Set To Lose 1,50,000 Jobs. Here's Why
Race to the bottom The Rs 1.5 lakh crore Indian mobile telephony sector is going through one of its toughest phases since the 2G spectrum scam that rocked it at the start of the decade. At a time when a wave of consolidation has swept the industry fo
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Don't Crib About Nepotism, Focus On Developing Your Skills: Hear Manoj Bajpayee Roar
Surrounded by the glass towers of a Mumbai five star hotel, Manoj Bajpayee looks characteristically cool and relaxed as a battery of assistants hover around him. A stylist is touching up his hair and moustache for an upcoming photo shoot. He's gratef
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Dialogue It Is: How Rajnath's Assuaging Remarks In Kashmir Mirror Delhi's Realisation
The Valley is witnessing the first stirrings of its famed autumn as chinar leaves turn russet brown, clouds play a celestial symphony and purple green hills herald the onset of winter. Sure, an encouraging altered security matrix offers a modicum of
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GST Good And Simple? Relief Ahead, But Frequent Course Correction Along Its Bumpy Route
With criticism mounting of the poor implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) during the first hundred days of the new regime, the GST council, chaired by finance minister Arun Jaitley, announced changes in the structure and policy of the ta
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As Cinema Ticket Prices Hit All Time High, Tamil Film Industry Is Tax Shocked
Chief minister E.K. Palaniswami served up a shocker on October 9, raising the base price of cinema tickets by 25 per cent. This, while the Tamil Film Producers Council and exhibitors were already protesting the 'irrational' imposition of the new Loca
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India Is Building A Rash Of New Cities That Ignore Civic Virtues And Celebrate Political Pomp
The many new states that keep forming out of division the latest being Telangana all follow the standard route for planning their new capital. With Hyderabad going to Telangana, the government proposed a new capital for Andhra Pradesh called Amaravat
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An Uneasy Calm: China In No Hurry To Turn The Page Over Doklam Standoff
As much as India has sought to turn the page after the tense 72 day standoff in Doklam, Beijing appears to be in no hurry to do so. A month on, signals from Beijing suggest the August 28 disengagement may have, at best, been a tactical pause, likely
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Congress Insider Pranab Mukherjee On Manmohan, Sonia, And UPA Rise And Fall
The drumbeats of history and destiny were never too far for Pranab Mukherjee as he marched relentlessly to the pinnacle of political achievement. Barring the post of the prime minister, which would elude him three times in his illustrious career, Muk
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Why A New Tax On Bio Resources Has Madhya Pradesh Traders Crying Foul
In June, two traders, intercepted at a forest check post in Gwalior, were found in possession of resin from the Salai tree, which is abundant in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. There was nothing extraordinary about the seizure till the men told the fo
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What RSS Wants Vs What BJP Does: Modi, Bhagwat At Loggerheads Over GST, Economy
On October 6, a wave of relief swept through both the BJP and the Sangh parivar when the finance ministry announced a series of concessions to the small scale sector. The government raised the relief bar in the composition scheme for small scale unit
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Headed For BJP, Mukul Roy Says Mamata's TMC Wouldn't Have Had Its Glorious Beginning Without Saffron Party
Excerpts with Mukul Roy: 'I have come out clean in Saradha, they haven't' Q. What happened? Why did you fall out with Mamata? A. There were many factors dynastic politics, my decision to cooperate with the CBI to help expose the [Saradha] fraudsters
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Does BJP Stand A Chance In Saffronising Kerala, A State With 54% Hindus?
The CPI(M) and the RSS have been at loggerheads in Kannur in north Kerala for over four decades now, both giving as good as they got as the Sangh parivar outfit made inroads into the communist bastion. And that is where matters stood till last year's
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Himachal Pradesh Election: Virbhadra Singh Eyes A Seventh Term As CM
It has revived the ruling Congress party in Himachal Pradesh, staggering lately between chief minister Virbhadra Singh's threats to 'sit it out' in the coming assembly elections and his detractors demanding that the poll campaign be collectively led
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Bihar Seeks To Reclaim Historic Legacy With Ambitious Museum In Patna
Art requires a story, says Anjani Kumar Singh, chief secretary of Bihar. Taking the example of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, housed at the Louvre in Paris, he says the painting is seen by six million people every year. It is famous for many reasons,
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Tech Talk
Cool Tool Home chefs can rejoice as KENT has launched a pizza and omelette maker as a part of the Smart Chef Range. The compact, non stick appliance lets you bake, roast and grill with ease. It comes with an adjustable temperature control knob and fl
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Review: G Jankeviciute, V Geetha's Another History of the Children's Picture Book From Soviet Lithuania to India
If internet listicles are to be trusted, one of the Top 10 Signs You're a Desi '80s Kid is a nostalgic affection for Soviet propaganda. Glossy Russian books and magazines were ubiquitous in India's socialist '80s when the Soviets flew in 10 tonnes of
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A Flair For It
Mass produced and devoid of any character, such products can finally rest in peace. For the Indian consumer has woken up to the beauty of handcrafted, traditional pieces. Leading this design movement is 28 year old Manasa Prithvi, who started Ira Stu
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World War II In Colour Has A British Viewpoint And That's It
Conventional British histories state that the Second World War started in September 1939. Germany invaded Poland, and in consequence Britain and France declared war on Germany on September 3. But by 1939, over a million Chinese had already died in a
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Crafting A Legacy
Design for Belgium born, Marrakech based Valerie Barkowski is as important as air; it's like "breathing" and she calls it an "essential part" of her life. She has done it all; from strategic consulting (creating and developing brand identity), to int
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Craving A Bohri Meal? Head To The Thaâl Co In Bandra
Tradition demands that a Bohri meal be laid out on a thaal (large plate) and shared with a group. Mumbai based restaurateur Avinash Bhatia learned this early in life some of his best friends in school belonged to the community. Nostalgia motivated hi
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Brighten Your Decor
Lighting is something that's often overlooked, but it plays a huge role in the design of a space. It can be a real game changer, because it has the ability to change the whole mood of a room. Picture a rococo crystal chandelier, which though pretty b
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Scenes From A Carnival: Movies To Look Out For At The Mumbai Film Festival 2017
DISCOVERING INDIA IN HIS FATHER'S BOOTS Victor (Nicolas Chevaillier) wants to make a film tracing the origins of his rich war hero father. Accompanying the privileged Frenchman on this journey are Dorian (Kev Clinsc), the straight talking African As
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