ESPN The Magazine2 min read
The Road Team
What happens when three senior writers embed themselves with three teams heading for the playoffs? A record win streak, an epic slide and a little rock ’n’ roll.
ESPN The Magazine3 min read
Swing Away
Why do players born in Latin America tend to walk less often than their U.S.-born counterparts—and how do teams close that gap?
ESPN The Magazine11 min read
“You Just Can’t Shake It”
For the first time, Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy opens up about his agonizingly public struggle with weight.
ESPN The Magazine4 min read
Once They Were Kings
Here’s the bottom line for the sad state of football in the great state of Texas: They have no defense. (Literally.)
ESPN The Magazine5 min read
A Racer’s Racer
NASCAR is in the postseason, and Dale Jr. is near the pasture. So who will give old-school fans their fix? Might we (and Tony Stewart) suggest Kyle Larson? “There’s a million race car drivers,” Stewart says. “But there’s only a few true old-school racers. Kyle Larson is one.” Here’s a look at the playoffs’ No. 2 seed.
ESPN The Magazine4 min read
Marquee Match
In Battle of the Sexes, Emma Stone re-creates Billie Jean King’s epic 1973 showdown against Bobby Riggs. But first she had to get a few tennis lessons from the legend herself. No pressure.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
International House of Pain
Every two years, the Presidents Cup pits the U.S. against the world. And every two years, history repeats itself.
ESPN The Magazine17 min read
Game, Interrupted
How a teenage gamer in the hottest new esport, Overwatch, became a reluctant icon for South Korea’s feminist movement.
ESPN The Magazine10 min read
Wildest October Ever
What do you get when a bunch of elite teams collide in the postseason? A rough road for the underdogs—but a ton of fun for us.
ESPN The Magazine17 min read
You Win Some You Lose Some
Two dramatic streaks will define the Dodgers’ 2017 season—unless they can pull off something even more memorable in October.
ESPN The Magazine10 min read
Bringing It Home
The behind-the-scenes story of the Astros’ fight to bring hope—and a first World Series title—to Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.
ESPN The Magazine14 min read
When There Is No Tomorrow
In watching the Indians go on a historic streak, it became clear the most remarkable thing about the team wasn’t the wins.
ESPN The Magazine3 min read
Must-See TV
The crazy end to this MLB season—the Indians can’t lose! The Dodgers can’t win!—sets up perhaps the wildest postseason ever. (And yes, we watched last year’s World Series.) Here are David Schoenfield’s five favorite possible matchups for the 2017 Fall Classic.
ESPN The Magazine7 min read
Mr. Everything Unloads
There’s almost nowhere on defense that Landon Collins won’t play. And in a wide-ranging interview, the Giants star shows he’s not afraid to go on offense either.
ESPN The Magazine21 min read
NFL Projections 2017
ESPN’s Football Power Index likes the Patriots—a lot. Find out how they and the other 31 teams—listed in order of their FPI rankings—will fare on the road to Super Bowl LII.
ESPN The Magazine3 min read
Collision Course
The fractures of our country are mirrored in the NFL, where a galvanized player movement is finally standing up to the power of the league.
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Guest Star
Senior writer Mina Kimes on playing host to Aaron Rodgers: I found out Aaron was coming to my house for our interview the day before it happened, so I spent the better part of that night frantically cleaning. I’ve profiled NFL players before, but I’
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Potential New MLB Stars on the Rise
With the playoffs mere weeks away, MLB Insider Keith Law pencils in which Triple-A prospects could offer the most pop for the push.
ESPN The Magazine3 min read
You Can Check the Stats
Action Bronson, Drake and Nicki Minaj have turned the athlete name-drop into an art form. But who’s rap’s MVP?
ESPN The Magazine14 min read
“Who Does This to People?”
Lorraine Dixon is one of a growing number of women left to care for men whose brains have been addled by football. This is the story of their struggle.
ESPN The Magazine4 min read
Safe Houses
Which FBS teams play better than expectations in their own backyards? The results are, well, unexpected.
ESPN The Magazine14 min read
The Big Drama Show
Gennady Golovkin has waited years for a career-defining superfight. On Sept. 16 against Canelo Alvarez, he finally gets one.
ESPN The Magazine19 min read
Searching for Aaron Rodgers
Winning isn’t everything. After Super Bowl XLV, Green Bay’s hero QB has been on a journey to find out what is.
ESPN The Magazine9 min read
Saving Superman
Ron Rivera’s plan to protect Cam Newton and return Carolina to the Super Bowl is simple: have him run less and distribute the ball more. But will his QB buy in?
ESPN The Magazine4 min read
You Can’t Stop These Patriots ... ...Unless You Do This
The Seahawks’ defensive speed, the Falcons’ schemes, the Steelers’ loaded offense: The Pats are great but not invulnerable. Here’s how contenders might attack them.
ESPN The Magazine2 min readFood & Wine
Serve’s Up!
At this year’s U.S. Open (Aug. 28-Sept. 10), come for the tennis, stay for this classy finger food.
ESPN The Magazine12 min read
What, Me Worry?
Good thing college football’s top quarterback performs best under pressure, because Sam Darnold has returned USC to LA’s most glaring spotlight.
ESPN The Magazine9 min read
“It’s Not a Redemption Tour”
Steve Kerr waited about a week before he texted Dan Quinn. He knew how many sympathy messages the Falcons coach must be getting—Kerr got about 50 after his Golden State Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the 2016 NBA Finals. The last thing a beaten man want
ESPN The Magazine2 min read
Reinventing a Heisman Winner
At 19, he was the youngest winner ever. But in his quest to repeat, Lamar Jackson is starting from scratch.
ESPN The Magazine11 min read
Matthew Berry’s Draft-Day Manifesto
When playing your hand in the 2017 draft, don’t let all the noise and rankings stress you out. It’s time to get back to basics.
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