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Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns In Wake Of Officer Shooting Australian Woman
The outgoing chief said the force needs new leadership. The mayor said she had lost confidence in the chief. Protesters disrupted the mayor's news conference to demand that she herself resign.
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A Wake-Up Call: Coffee Recalled By FDA For Having Viagra-Like Ingredient
Regulators took issue with the tortuously named "New of Kopi Jantan Tradisional Natural Herbs Coffee," which didn't declare a chemical akin to the erectile dysfunction drug's active ingredient.
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'Spicey Out!' 9 Highlights From Sean Spicer's Combative Tenure
The White House press secretary's six-month tenure involved some odd moments, some lighter ones and a memorable recurring character on Saturday Night Live.
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Even Talking About Weakening Obamacare Provisions Weakens The Exchanges
The future of the Affordable Care Act pillars like subsidies and the individual mandate is uncertain, and that is causing higher premiums and fewer insurers in the marketplaces, experts say.
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U.S. Intercepts Reportedly Contradict Attorney General On Russia Contacts
The Washington Post reports that spy agencies intercepted conversations with Russia's U.S. ambassador suggesting he and Jeff Sessions discussed campaign matters during mid-2016 meetings.
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Deadly Earthquake Strikes Greece And Turkey
The powerful quake left at least two people dead on the Greek resort island of Kos during peak tourist season.
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Costume Jewelry Designer Kenneth Jay Lane Dies At 85
Lane designed costume jewelry for Hollywood stars, Jackie Kennedy Onassis and viewers of TV's shopping channel QVC. Many women wore his fakes, or "faque," as he pronounced it with their real gems.
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In Mosul, Grim Homecomings And A Struggle To Survive In A City Now Free From ISIS
Civil defense workers have recovered more than 1,400 bodies of civilians in west Mosul. Relatives are searching for the bodies of loved ones in a landscape so devastated they can barely recognize it.
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With Parole, A New Round Of O.J. Obsession Begins
The athlete, celebrity and murder suspect was the focus of an intensely covered trial, and two recent TV series that set him at the center of America's diciest topics: race, wealth, justice and fame.
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Windowlick This: Aphex Twin Uploads Discography, Unreleased Tracks
Not only has the electronic artist augmented his beloved albums with unheard demos, but also an unreleased album of Korg experiments and a new EP featuring Luke Vibert remixes.
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Trump's Recently Disclosed Putin Conversation Is 'Nixon All Over Again'
Two interpreters who served a number of U.S. presidents, say a secrecy-obsessed Richard Nixon was the only president to routinely dispense with interpreters.
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The Largest Latino Advocacy Group Changes Its Name, Sparking Debate
The National Council of La Raza renamed itself this month, causing a rift in the U.S. Latino community. Some see it as shedding a dated name while others see it as leaving a legacy behind.
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U.S. Sanctions Against Russia Never Go Away — They Just Evolve
When it comes to sanctions, the Cold War never really ended. Even as President Obama lifted Soviet-era sanctions, he imposed new ones. President Trump could soon find a sanctions bill on his desk.
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Reports: Sean Spicer Resigns As White House Press Secretary
Multiple media outlets have reported the departure of Spicer, who has had an embattled tenure as President Trump's lead spokesperson.
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To Shrink The Mosquito Population, Scientists Are Releasing 20 Million Of Them
Scientists plan to release millions of sterile, male bacteria-infected mosquitoes in California, to breed with wild females. They're hoping for a "steep decline" in the species that carries Zika.
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Xanda, Son Of Cecil The Lion, Also Killed
A trophy hunter shot and killed the 6-year-old lion near Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park, near where his father was killed two years ago.
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Tensions Spike In Jerusalem's Old City Over Metal Detectors At Muslim Shrine
Worshippers who refused to pass through the metal detectors chose instead to pray next to them.
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Salvador Dalí's Remains Exhumed, Revealing A Perfectly Arranged Mustache
When the late Spanish painter was exhumed for a paternity suit, experts discovered his distinctive mustache kept its shape. "Checking it was a very exciting moment," says the head of his estate.
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The Un-Pretty History Of Georgia's Iconic Peach
The state isn't the biggest producer of the pink-orange fruit. So why are Georgia peaches so iconic? The answer has a lot to do with slavery — its end and a need for the South to rebrand itself.
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20 Attorneys General Write To Trump, Urging Him To Keep DACA
"You have repeatedly expressed your support for Dreamers. Today, we join together to urge you not to capitulate," California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra tells President Trump.
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Pop Culture Happy Hour: 'Dunkirk'
Christopher Nolan's war drama about the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of Allied troops has immediacy, scope, and a sense of the unique terrors inherent in war.
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White House, Dems Work The Referees In Public Battle Over Russia Probes
President Trump, his aides, investigators and congressional Democrats are anxiously trying to shape the public's impression about the fairness and validity of the never-ending Russia imbroglio.
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Spotify Sued, Yet Again, Over Compositions
Two new lawsuits against the music streaming leader landed this week, over issues that have already twice led to settlements.
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CDC: Half Of All Female Murder Victims Are Killed By Intimate Partners
The Centers for Disease Control found that black women and indigenous women are murdered at higher rates than other races. And half of all murdered women are killed by current or former partners.
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Watch: The Latest Video From Moon Hooch Is Pure Insanity
The cast of Craigslist walk-ons featured in the Moon Hooch video for "Booty House" had to follow one rule: dress in garbage.
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Kentucky Must Pay Attorney Fees For Couples Who Sued Kim Davis, Judge Says
Davis had refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing religious beliefs. The court held the state responsible because officials had the right to take action against her but didn't.
NPR2 min readPop Culture
Songs We Love: H.E.R., 'I Won't'
The R&B singer knows what she wants and what she doesn't, and isn't afraid to voice it on the slow-rolling "I Won't."
NPR2 min read
Al-Qaida Suspect Appears In Federal Court In Pennsylvania
Ali Charaf Damache is the first terrorism-related suspect to be sent to the U.S. since President Trump took office.
NPR2 min readPolitics
State Department Confirms Plan To Ban U.S. Citizens From Visiting North Korea
The new policy will reportedly include the threat of canceling the passport of Americans who violate the travel ban.
NPR2 min read
Judge Promises Reduced Jail Time If Tennessee Inmates Get Vasectomies
According to an order issued in May, people serving time in White County Jail can shave 30 days off their sentences if they obtain long-term contraception. Critics say the order is unconstitutional.
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