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When We Finally Go To Mars, We Might End Up Living In Giant Metal Cans
An artist's rendering of Lockheed's Deep Space Gateway docking with NASA's Orion spacecraft in orbit around the moon. Lockheed Martin If humans are ever really going to make it to Mars, we’re going to need a bigger boat. Today’s spaceships are built
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Guess How Many Giant Patches Of Garbage There Are In The Ocean Now?
Plastic pollution doesn't just dirty beaches—its effects can be felt throughout the ecosystem. Deposit Photos “We are living in a plastic age,” Captain Charles Moore tells PopSci. “We're ignorant of its dangers, and we haven't learned properly to fea
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Spot Faked Photos Using Digital Forensic Techniques
If only all Photoshop jobs were this obvious, recognizing faked photos would be a lot easier. Stan Horaczek We see hundreds or even thousands of images a day, and almost all of them have been digitally manipulated in some way. Some have gotten basic
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Your Stinky Feet Can Reveal Who You're Living With
An intimate display of bacteria swapping Stokpic You’re more bacteria than you are you. And since you’re already sharing the rest of yourself with your partner—your bed, your shower, your saliva—it makes sense that you’d share bacterial colonies too.
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Orbiter Is The Quietest Fidget Toy Around And Full Of Magnetic Fun
You may have noticed that fidget toys are pretty popular now. They are great for using up excess energy, but you can't usually use them in meetings or other serious situations. The Orbiter Magnetic Fidget Toy is different—with minimal friction, it's
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One Weird Thing About Eclipses You’ve Probably Never Noticed
A total solar eclipse in Australia During a solar eclipse, the moon passes between Earth and the sun, blotting out light. In August, all of America will be able to see a total or partial eclipse. NASA This summer, for the first time since 1918, a tot
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Lyft's About To Seriously Change The Race For Self-driving Cars
Lyft's vision for its future includes cars driven by both people and computer. Lyft The urban dream of a shared fleet of self-driving cars summoned by an app is inching closer to a reality. Uber, of course, has already been testing autonomous vehicle
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How Fentanyl Is Making Deadly Drugs Even Deadlier
Injection isn't the only way to ingest fentanyl: It can also be absorbed through the skin. Pixabay It’s relatively new to America’s drug scene, but in the last few years, its victims have included everyone from musician Prince to a 10-year-old boy in
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Stopping Deforestation Might Be Easier Than We Thought
A forested region in the study area. Megan Kearns The lush forests of Uganda provide a home for thousands of species of flora and fauna, including endangered chimpanzees. But they’re also owned by private landowners, and they sometimes have to chop d
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Protecting Our Children From Climate Change Might Take More Than Just Cutting Emissions
Today's children will suffer the most if we don't act on climate change. Pexels Rarely is a negative seen as a positive. But a new study in the journal Earth System Dynamics argues that negative emissions might be our only hope. Led by James Hansen—t
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Go Take A Virtual Tour Of The International Space Station Right Now
The inside of the ISS cupola on Google's Outer Space view. Google Google's street view takes us to some pretty wild places. From the comfort of your computer, you can visit a tiny train 'Wunderland', pilot the Millennium Falcon, rock climb in Yosemit
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What Needs To Happen To Get Our East Coast Hyperloop
Godot, a tunnel-boring machine Like the characters in the Samuel Beckett play, Godot might spend all its life waiting for approval that never comes. The Boring Company Billionaire Elon Musk is eager to get his super-fast hyperloop inter-city transpor
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The First Humans In Australia Arrived Early Enough To Cause Some Trouble
The excavation leaders talks to local Djurrubu Aboriginal Rangers Picture by Dominic O'Brien. Copyright Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation 2015. If you think Australian animals are terrifying now, just imagine roaming the outback and encountering a sh
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Become A Certified Web Design Pro And Save Over $1500 On The Training
With more than 140,000 websites going live every day, now is the perfect time to become a web designer. Whether you want to turn pro or just improve your own sites, the Web Design CPD Certification Bundle teaches you everything you need to know. Stac
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What To Do If You Break Your Leg In The Middle Of Nowhere
Centennial Mountains. This 28,000-acre range borders southwest Montana and Idaho. Bob Wick, BLM California So you’re out in the wilderness, enjoying the fresh air and leaving civilization far behind, when suddenly your friend slips and—crack! Maybe h
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Here's Our Original Coverage Of Apollo 11
Forty-eight years ago, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made the first footprints on the Moon, and it was epic. Popular Science covered this enormous achievement with an article by Wernher von Braun—a German-born engineer, now known a
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Sniffing Insulin Might Help People Eat Less
Sorry, food. Pixabay Lots of people rely on insulin injections to manage their blood sugar. But after nearly a century of helping diabetics, the hormone is starting to look appealing for other uses as well. According to a new study published Tuesday
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Amazon Dash Wand Review: Alexa, Help Me Spend Even More Money On Amazon
The Amazon Dash Wand costs $20 but comes with a $20 credit off your first purchase made with it. Amazon The Dash Wand is basically a food scanner with Alexa built in. Tell her what you want, or physically scan the item you're about to run out of, and
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Understanding Glioblastoma, The Most Common—and Lethal—form Of Brain Cancer
Glioblastoma mostly affects older people, and currently does not have a cure. KGH On Wednesday, Senator John McCain’s diagnosis of a particularly aggressive brain cancer, glioblastoma (GBM), became public knowledge. But what exactly is this type of c
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You Have A Lot To Teach Your Grandkids, And That Might Explain Menopause
With their grandmother's help, these kids could have an evolutionary advantage. Pexels Humans, killer whales and pilot whales. What do we all have in common? Surprisingly, the answer is menopause. But scientists still haven’t quite figured out why th
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SpaceX Is Changing Up Its Plans For Landing A Spaceship On Mars
Illustration of a Red Dragon capsule landing on Mars by firing its retrothrusters SpaceX On Wednesday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that the company is switching up its plans for landing on Mars. Last year, the company declared that it would try to
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Doctors Are Wearing The New Google Glass While Seeing Patients
The Glass on the doctor's face beams the audio and visual from the conversation to a remote scribe. Augmedix You could be forgiven for assuming that Glass, Google's head-mounted augmented-reality device, had been effectively dead since 2015. But as G
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NASA Just Caught A Glimpse Of The Mysterious Object New Horizons Will Reach In 2019
4.1 billion miles away from Earth, Kuiper belt object 2014 MU69 whizzed in front of an unnamed star (center). The movement, captured by mobile telescopes in Argentina, will help calibrate the next New Horizons' flyby in 2019. NASA/JHUAPL/SwRI In an e
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Plant-inspired Soft Robot Grows To Reach Difficult Places
Soft plant-inspired robot navigates a maze Like a plant seeking sun, the soft robot can detect light and then adjust how to grow to get closer and closer to the light. L.H. Blumenschein Robots often imitate life. We are used to bots mimicking humans,
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Discarded Oyster Shells Can Help Us Grow Food, Make Cement, And Fight Climate Change
Pixabay After that oyster slides into your mouth, and you’ve tossed another empty shell onto your plate, do you ever think about where those shells end up? Probably not. Yet that pile of mollusk shells contributes to more than 7 million tons of “nuis
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Humans Have Created 9.1 Billion Tons Of Plastic. Here's How You Can Help Stop The Madness.
Humanity has manufactured a lot of plastic since the 1950s, and most of it ends up in landfills or nature. Deposit Photos No matter how many times I tell my local Thai restaurant that I don’t want plastic forks with my take-out, I open the bag to fin
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This Smartphone Stand Folds To The Size Of A Credit Card
When you want to watch a movie or take better photos, the Credit Card-Sized Smartphone and Tablet Stand offers a secure spot for your device. It's also adjustable, and it folds virtually flat. Stack Commerce Sometimes, you can get away with propping
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We Still Don’t Really Know Where Dogs Came From
From the looks of this one, somewhere on Tatooine (or possibly heaven). Stocksnap Dogs are too pure for this world. This fact is known. If supernatural explanations were sufficient, we could safely say that dogs descended from the heavens to bring us
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How Worried Should I Really Be About Carcinogens?
Some carcinogens are worth the hype. Pixabay News articles over the past few years have implicated everything from sunlight’s ultraviolet radiation to burnt toast as potential carcinogens, or cancer-causing substances. So, should you be rushing to cu
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It's Not Your Imagination: 2017 Has Been Abnormally Hot So Far
This is the Earth on climate change. Pexels A famous 1936 image shows the people of Nebraska sprawled on the capitol lawn to escape record-breaking temps that had turned their AC-free homes into slow roasters. These vintage photos can make modern sum
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