The Atlantic4 min read
Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk Is a Masterpiece
Epic yet intimate, the director's new war film is boldly experimental and visually stunning.
The Atlantic8 min read
The Strange Phenomenon of Voter Self-Suppression
As a Trump-commissioned panel searches for phantom fraud, its requests for data have convinced some citizens to opt out of their right to vote preemptively.
The Atlantic7 min read
Queering the Work of Jane Austen Is Nothing New
Starting in the Victorian era, stage performers and writers have been subverting the novelist’s reputation as the go-to author for conventional, heterosexual love.
The Atlantic2 min read
Venezuela Endures Partial Shutdown Amid Continued Violence
Two men were killed in clashes between protesters and police forces as millions participated in a nationwide strike.
The Atlantic5 min read
A Developer At Slack On The Importance Of Diversity In Tech
Kaya Thomas, a 21-year-old coder and advocate, has been vocal about the industry’s homogeneity.
The Atlantic2 min read
Mueller Can Pursue Whatever Crimes He Uncovers
There are no legal or ethical reasons for the special counsel to turn away if he discovers indications of misconduct that are unrelated to the original Russia inquiry.
The Atlantic5 min read
Is Trump Bad News for Putin?
When it emerged that Donald Trump had had a second, unscheduled and unsupervised chat with Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, the media’s already-overstressed conspirometer dialed up to 11. But what if the real story now is less one of collusio
The Atlantic3 min read
Sean Spicer Is Out and Anthony Scaramucci Is In at the White House
President Trump’s press secretary has resigned in protest of the president's decision to name a former hedge-fund executive as communications director.
The Atlantic8 min read
When Will President Trump Fire Robert Mueller?
The White House is threatening the special counsel and trying to dig up dirt on him, and the prospect that the president will try to fire him now seems very real.
The Atlantic3 min read
Beijing's Backdoor and Iraq's Christians: The Week in Global-Affairs Writing
Bhavya Dore | Pacific Standard “Tennis is largely a sport for the affluent. There are few, if any, public courts in the country, equipment and uniforms are expensive, and private club membership is costly. And yet, closely bound up in this rich perso
The Atlantic4 min read
Ozark: Netflix's Grim Foray Into Flyover Country
The new 10-hour drama follows a Chicago financial adviser forced to move to Missouri to launder money for a cartel.
The Atlantic4 min read
The Lonely Lives of Dolphin Lice
Crustacean parasites are common on whales, but how they survive on smaller, speedier ocean animals is a mystery.
The Atlantic4 min read
Trump Trains His Sights on Mueller's Investigation
The president’s lawyers are looking at multiple ways to undermine or curtail the Russia inquiry, including his issuing pardons.
The Atlantic2 min read
Burundi Robotics Team Goes Missing
Police suspect the teenagers are seeking asylum as two of them are spotted crossing the border to Canada.
The Atlantic2 min read
Execution Site Found in West Mosul
The discovery adds to mounting evidence that Iraqi forces have unlawfully murdered and abused suspected ISIS militants.
The Atlantic5 min read
The Atlantic Daily: Recusal Rift
Trump's very public criticism of Sessions, the CBO's latest health-care score, Japan's declining birth rate, and more
The Atlantic3 min read
He's a Fighter
John McCain is being urged to persevere based on strength of character, a quintessentially American approach to thinking about health.
The Atlantic3 min read
The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Area Boss Regrets Hiring Decision
During a news conference, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he will continue to serve in his position “as long as that is appropriate.”
The Atlantic4 min read
Why Trump Probably Hasn't Spooked the Justice Department
It seems to be business as usual for top federal law-enforcement officials one day after receiving harsh criticism from the president.
The Atlantic3 min read
Remembering Chester Bennington
The Linkin Park singer, dead at 41, may have been the purest voice of angst on the radio this millennium.
The Atlantic115 min readPolitics
Trump’s Interests vs. America’s, Pensions Edition
In at least seven states, government employees are obligated, via their pension funds, to invest in a company that operates one of the president’s New York hotels.
The Atlantic2 min read
Parole Board Grants O.J. Simpson Early Release
The former football star has served nine years in prison for the 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas.
The Atlantic4 min read
The CBO Scored the Latest Draft of the Senate's Health-Care Bill
The budget agency found the Senate’s new version of its Obamacare-replacement plan would leave the same number of people uninsured as the original.
The Atlantic11 min read
Trump's Latest Interview Highlights Four of His Greatest Flaws
The transcript of the president’s conversation with The New York Times throws his shortcomings into greater relief than ever before.
The Atlantic6 min read
The Myth of ISIS's Strategic Brilliance
The group has adapted to battlefield setbacks. But that doesn't mean it factored territorial losses into its master plan.
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
Trump's Voter-Fraud Commission Has Its First Meeting
The Kris Kobach-led effort faces at least seven federal lawsuits and claims of voter suppression as it moves to set its agenda.
The Atlantic2 min readPolitics
Qatar Crisis: Are There Signs of a Potential Deal?
The Saudi-led alliance of Arab countries that severed links with Qatar is now urging Doha to accept six steps—down from 13 conditions—to combat extremism and terrorism, a sign the crisis that engulfed the region may be a step closer to resolution. Ab
The Atlantic4 min readSociety
The Bipartisan Opposition to Sessions's New Civil-Forfeiture Rules
Attorney General Jeff Sessions expanded the controversial police practice on Wednesday by rolling back Obama-era reforms.
The Atlantic16 min readTech
How Checkers Was Solved
The story of a duel between two men, one who dies, and the nature of the quest to build artificial intelligence
The Atlantic5 min readPolitics
Is Closing Guantanamo Still Conceivable?
Former officials of both parties have endorsed the goal. But the 41 inmates left there have reason to wonder if they'll ever leave.
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