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Phô With Soul and Style
I HAVEN’T BEEN BACK to Vietnam for a few years now, but I imagine that the latest generation of noodle bars and soup shops that have grown up around Hanoi, and in the trendier sections of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon), look an awful lot like Ben
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Catching Your Lunch
Our rivers are cleaner than ever, the piers are crawling with anglers, and your East River bouillabaisse is now edible (with some caveats).
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Where The Fish And The Fisher-People Are
STATEN ISLAND Joseph Perez, 28, middle-school math teacher “When I was 7, my aunt took me fishing off the Harlem piers 1 . Now I go out with the Brooklyn Fishing Club. Last year, on a trip to Staten Island, each of us caught at least six huge strip
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This Old Boardinghouse
A once-abandoned Boerum Hill building got stripped down to its bones and built back up again.
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Freedom Rock
Halsey lost a boyfriend, a producer, and, for a time, her sense of self. What she gained was a new sound and her first No. 1 album.
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Can You Love This Super-Pig?
It’s one thing to dream up a nonexistent creature. But just try bringing it adorably to life.
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1 For New York’s latest issue, Maureen O’Connor broke down ten years’ worth of Pornhub data explore how streaming pornography has infiltrated our sexual imagination, creating a kind of infinite erotic feedback loop (“Pornhub Is the Kinsey Report of O
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Bring “Your Ugly Stuff”
Having honed her black humor on Buffy and Mad Men, Marti Noxon is ready for her newfound role—as Hollywood’s go-to bard of “dark-hearted bitches.”
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Cosby’s Accusers On the Mistrial
The Wait ON JUNE 17, a jury in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, was unable to reach a verdict in a criminal sexual-assault case against Bill Cosby: Andrea Constand claimed that in 2004 Cosby had given her pills that rendered her unable to protest, th
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THE Anticipation Index
What we’re excited about right now. IT’S AN UP-AND-DOWN season thus far, anticipation-wise, with some things delivering (The Handmaid’s Tale), some falling short (Baywatch), and some underanticipated events blowing us away (Wonder Woman). Here, we u
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Deluded Social Darwinist
LAST WEEK, DONALD Trump appeared before a rally in Iowa, where he regaled a crowd of supporters with stories of the great wealth of his inner circle of advisers. “When you get the president—this is the president of Goldman Sachs—smart!—having him rep
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HOW TO: Write a Perfect Pop Song
Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff has crafted hits for Taylor Swift, Lorde, and himself. There is no formula. But he does have a few tips.
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44 MINUTES WITH … Susan Rice
IT WAS KIND of a week of WTF,” says Susan Rice. “Or two. Because it’s something made up out of whole cloth.” Rice is sitting in her office on the American University campus in the leafy neighborhood about four and a half miles northwest of the buildi
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Flames of Contempt
The Grenfell Tower fire wasn’t just a tragedy—it was the physical manifestation of political neglect.
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Georgia’s Silver Lining
THE TUESDAY PARTY for Jon Ossoff in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District was hopping long after Ossoff had given his concession speech. While many pundits were diagnosing the Democrat’s loss to Republican Karen Handel as a defeat of America’s burge
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We Can Be Heroes
CHRISTIAN LORENTZEN DEAR CYBORGS BY EUGENE LIM. FSG ORIGINALS. 163 PAGES. $14. EUGENE LIM’S Dear Cyborgs is a novel of ideas, small, elegant ideas about art and protest, and one of the most striking literary works to emerge from the Occupy move
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Just Wait Watergate Didn’t Become Watergate Overnight, Either.
“LET OTHERS WALLOW IN WATERGATE, we are going to do our job,” said Richard Nixon with typical unearned self-righteousness in July 1973. By then, more than a year had passed since a slapstick posse of five had been caught in a bungled burglary at the
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A Royal Return
CRAIG JENKINS MELODRAMA LORDE. REPUBLIC RECORDS. A SUCCESSFUL FIRST album is a secret curse. The pressure for a strong follow-up can melt careers. The Strokes ran themselves ragged trying to reimagine the garage-rock formula they perfected the fi
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Party Lines
Reporting by Katie Van Syckle, Scott Huver, and Taylor Ferber THE AMERICAN THEATRE WING’S TONY AWARDS RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL, JUNE 11. “I wanted to talk to Patti LuPone, who was across from me during the show, so I said ‘F--k it’ and army-crawled a
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The Wellness Epidemic
When Gwyneth Paltrow first launched Goop in 2008, it was a great place to find out where to eat the best tapas in Barcelona. It was straight-up celebrity-lifestyle voyeurism, and Paltrow, with her long blonde hair and aura of complete self-satisfacti
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Ladies With Lassos
PINKY AGE: 31 HORSES: Midnight, Red Windstorm, Codie, and Santana, a.k.a. Fat Boy. “When you really run a horse, you feel like you’re flying. And when you have a true bond with a horse, you become one. The horse knows what you want without you even
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The Look Book
INTERVIEW BY ALEXIS SWERDLOFF What a name! I legally changed my last name from Jennings to Wonder earlier this year; I wanted a name that was powerful and exciting, and plus I was born on Stevie Wonder’s birthday. I’m pitching a show where I go to
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Five Rejected Ideas for How to End The Leftovers
Actual blue-sky pitches from Damon Lindelof ’s notes that didn’t make it into the final season—at least not in their original form.
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Tony’s Dead, Walt’s Not, and Phoebe’s Hooked on Meth
ADAM STERNBERGH SERIES FINALES have become famously fraught—and likely to leave you enraged, befuddled, or simply feeling let down. Luckily, there’s a modern remedy to Series Finale Disappointment Syndrome: the alternate fan theory! For every show t
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The Postmortem
Reactions to The Leftovers finale from five critics … “HBO’s The Leftovers has always been a story of faith and doubt, filled with coincidences that might really be the result of fate’s wheels turning. The finale was the culmination of everything th
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He Shot, She Shot
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1 “A competent woman losing a job to an incompetent man is not an anomalous Election Day surprise; it is Tuesday in America,” Rebecca Traister wrote in the first major profile of Hillary Clinton since her defeat (“Citizen Clinton,” May 29–June 11). U
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Williamsburg, Seen From Italy
CHRISTIAN LORENTZEN CLASS BY FRANCESCO PACIFICO MELVILLE HOUSE BOOKS. 352 PAGES. $26 FOR ALL THE MOANING about Brooklyn novelists over the past two decades, there’ve been very few novels set in Williamsburg. As if following a Paul Auster homin
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This Isn’t Fun Anymore
Unfulfilling Forty-one years before Maureen O’Connor dove into Pornhub’s user data for this issue’s cover story, Molly Haskell found herself in her local movie theater on 86th Street, two seats away from a man who was enthusiastically masturbating. O
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