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November 2017
The Atlantic3 min read
The Swamp Lover
A number of writings by Henry David Thoreau appeared in The Atlantic in its early years. The month after his death from tuberculosis in May 1862, the magazine published “Walking,” which extols the virtues of “sauntering through the woods and over the
The Atlantic11 min read
Walden Wasn’t Thoreau’s Masterpiece
In his 2-million-word journal, the transcendentalist discovered how to balance poetic wonder and scientific rigor as he explored the natural world.
The Atlantic8 min readPolitics
Toby Keith in Trump’s America
When the country star Toby Keith flew to Riyadh in May to play one of the first public concerts held in Saudi Arabia since the early 1990s, he was given strict instructions: no songs about drinking, marijuana, or sex. Complying was no simple task for
The Atlantic3 min read
A Half a Dozen Battles
In the summer of 1864, Abraham Lincoln blessed a quixotic attempt by a Methodist minister named Colonel James F. Jaquess and a journalist named James R. Gilmore to broach with the Confederacy the possibility of a negotiated settlement of the Civil Wa
The Atlantic3 min read
What Was the Most Influential Power Couple in History?
Lisa Grunwald, co-author, The Marriage Book Adam and Eve were responsible, literally or metaphorically, for—in no particular order—the subservience of women; the pain of childbirth; the concepts of sin, shame, and clothing; a lot of great artwork; an
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The Conversation
The election of Donald Trump, Kurt Andersen argued in his September cover story, revealed that a critical mass of Americans has become untethered from reality. Andersen also traced the roots of the exceptionalism that has turned the country into “Fan
The Atlantic7 min read
Is the American Idea Doomed?
On May 5, 1857, eight men sat down to dinner at Boston’s Parker House hotel. They had gathered to plan a magazine, but by the time they stood up five hours later, they had laid the intellectual groundwork for a second American revolution. These men w
The Atlantic25 min read
The Secrets of Google’s Moonshot Factory
How the tech giant is trying to leverage the science of breakthroughs and resurrect the lost art of invention
The Atlantic3 min readPsychology
What’s Normal?
AFTER Election Day, “This is not normal” became a rallying cry for Donald Trump’s opponents: Harry Reid warned against press coverage that normalized the president-elect; a John Oliver monologue about Trump being abnormal won 14 million YouTube views
The Atlantic2 min read
An American Mastodon in Paris
It can be difficult to predict which American exports will stick the landing in France. Jerry Lewis, Burger King, and anything très Brooklyn: a resounding oui. Uber, Netflix, and Skippy peanut butter: not so much. Until June, when Costco opened its f