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October 9 2017
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
In Brief
Americas • A day after President Trump told Fox News Puerto Rico’s debt would be wiped out, which sent bond prices plummeting, his budget director, Mick Mulvaney, told CNN not to take the president’s statement “word for word.” • Canadian grocer Met
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
Anatomy of a Bad Marriage
Barcelona and Madrid survived the tough times together, but even as Spain’s economy improves, their union is disintegrating
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
For Europe, More Tensions Grow in the East
Catalonia may only be a beginning. Another Brexit-like rupture could be waiting in the wings
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Only the Voters Can Stop Gun Massacres
Until lawmakers—especially Republicans—realize their jobs are at stake, they will hide from their responsibilities
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
To Grandmother’s House We Go
Best Buy is betting there’ll be big business in helping adult children remotely monitor their elderly parents
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Adidas Automates to Make Shoes Faster
Richard Weiss In a production hall as clean as a hospital, pea-size beads of white plastic pour into what looks like a minivan-size Adidas shoe box, complete with three white stripes down the side. That’s fitting, because in just a few seconds the m
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
Rich Returns From Poor Women Collecting Debts
An Indian power company recruits slum dwellers to collect payments for electricity from their neighbors
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
You May Hug The Screen
Victoria Law Once a week for nine months in 2016, Barbara Hughes drove the 90 minutes from her home in Springfield, Ill., to visit her son at Tazewell County jail in Pekin, where he was awaiting trial. But she never got to see him in person. Instead
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Skeptical Speculators Swoon for Socks
Sarah McBride David Hornik, Howard Hartenbaum, and Tripp Jones, partners at the Silicon Valley venture firm August Capital, sat around a conference table in July, showing off their latest investment. In unison, each one lifted a foot into the air an
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Apple’s Global Web
Apple Inc.’s network of research labs stretches from the Rocky Mountains to New Zealand, and many of its facilities are near companies with specialties the device giant wants to develop. Curiously, a number have lost employees to Apple since it came to town.
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
Don’t Frack on Me
Catherine Traywick When Bill Young peers out the window of his $700,000 home in Broomfield, Colo., he drinks in a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains. Starting next year, he may also glimpse one of the 99 drilling rigs that Extraction Oil & Gas In
Bloomberg Businessweek8 min readTech
The Equifax Job
Michael Riley, Jordan Robertson, and Anita Sharpe In the corridors and break rooms of Equifax Inc.’s giant Atlanta headquarters, employees used to joke that their enormously successful credit reporting company was just one hack away from bankruptcy.
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
How Offshore Is All That Overseas Cash?
Matt Mossman Donald Trump and congressional leaders’ latest plan for tax cuts is missing a lot of important details, but in a speech on Sept. 27 the president pointed to one clear objective: to get U.S. multinationals to bring some of the money they
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min read
A First Nation For the 21st Century
A prosperous indigenous community near Vancouver has lots to teach Canada’s marginalized aboriginal groups
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readPolitics
The Price of Australia’s Complacency
Michael Heath, with Kimberley Painter After 26 years without a recession, Australia is within two years of overtaking the Netherlands’ record for uninterrupted growth. That impressive streak has been powered by a rapidly growing population and an ec
Bloomberg Businessweek5 min readPolitics
Legal Jeopardy
White House counsel Donald McGahn has emerged as a key witness in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. Can he defend the president and himself?
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min read
A Slowdown in Modi’s Backyard
Bibhudatta Pradhan and Iain Marlow Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi vaulted to national office in 2014 after presiding over more than a decade of robust economic growth in Gujarat, India’s westernmost state. During his almost 13 years as the stat
Bloomberg Businessweek4 min readPolitics
Trump Slows Efforts to Cut Health-Care Costs
John Tozzi In April 2016 the federal Medicare program began an experiment to save money on the half-million hip and knee replacements it pays for each year. In 67 cities, Medicare capped the payments it makes to hospitals for joint surgeries and the
Bloomberg Businessweek1 min read
Hidden Hand Neil Chatterjee
Catherine Traywick As an aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Chatterjee helped craft the GOP’s strategy for challenging President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Now he’s acting head of the federal agency that oversees U.S. power markets. Chat
Bloomberg Businessweek15 min read
Smoke ’em Out
Mike Moore wrote the legal playbook that took down Big Tobacco. Now he’s going after the opioid industry
Bloomberg Businessweek12 min read
Hostile Takeover High
Bloomberg Businessweek16 min read
The Billion-Dollar War
Apple doesn’t mind buying Qualcomm’s modem chips—but it’s had it with paying $10 in patent fees for every iPhone it makes
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Winter Wonderlands
Some of the world’s best ski resorts are introducing a flurry of on-mountain improvements and luxurious slopeside retreats. Here, a guide to the most exciting high-altitude developments of the year, from guaranteed powder pockets to epic, daylong runs.
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
Whistler Hits a Peak
After a recent acquisition by Vail Resorts, the legendary Canadian spot gears up for its best season yet.
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min readFashion & Beauty
Beyond Basic
Season after season, men demand white shirts and blue shirts. Sometimes, for variety, they’ll choose one that’s both white and blue. Like most top shirt specialists, the Swedish company Eton elevates these basics through the quality of its fabrics an
Bloomberg Businessweek3 min read
In the Shadow Of a Bear
A one-man show by the son of late Bear Stearns Chairman Ace Greenberg features lessons about finance and fatherhood.
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Vitamix A3500 Blender
THE CHARACTERISTICS For four generations, Cleveland-based Vita-Mix Corp. has produced the blender of choice for smoothie lovers. The company’s top-of-the-line product in their Ascent collection, the A3500, is a countertop brutalist masterpiece—the b
Bloomberg Businessweek2 min read
Maurizio Reggiani
AT AGE 14, MAURIZIO REGGIANI disassembled his first motorbike, a Bianchi 50cc. His father, the motorcycle’s owner, was a mechanic, and they were both obsessed with machines. “I wanted to see what principle allowed this machine to work. It was like tr