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November 2017
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Behind the Scenes
Out this month is the second edition of our bestselling Cities Book. This supersized tome presents beautiful photos and city stats for 200 of the world’s most exciting urban destinations. Among them are over 30 new entries, including the pictured: Si
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The Radisson Royal Hotel was commissioned by Joseph Stalin and was opened in 1957 under its old name of Hotel Ukraina. It reopened in 2010 after a three-year renovation I took this picture of Moscow, where I live, during evening drinks with a friend
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Where on Earth Is This?
In praise of the holiday jog: there’s no better way to find your bearings in a new city “It was first thing on the first morning on my very first trip to New York City, so one might reasonably expect it to have involved a lie-in of sorts, followed, p
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Next Stop Nashville
This popsicle shop is the brainchild of two Mexican sisters. Made with fresh ingredients, the lollies burst with flavours – like pineapple, chilli and tamarind. Nashville’s craft beer boom has well and truly landed. Head east
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Die de Muertos (Day of the Dead)
The cempasúchil, or Mexican marigold, is a symbol of the festival. One legend has it that an Aztec girl mourning for her lover killed in battle was turned into the flower by the sun god, while the warrior came back as a hummingbird. One universal foo
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Estonia is an overwhelmingly rural country, with more than half its land covered with deep forest. It’s hard not to feel close to nature here, and local life is in tune with the changing of the seasons – something the nation’s chefs translate directl
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A Truff Ling Matter
For much of the year, the leafy forests of Istria lie quiet and undisturbed by the footfall of man or beast. Come autumn, however, they’re beset by a minor stampede, as men and sniffer dogs make for the countryside in search of truffles – a seasonal
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Autumn on the Menu
antlers and exposed brick in the restaurant cured pork collar and blue cheese, with rocket, apple and rapeseed oil the weatherboarded pub’s origins go back to 1576 Idyllic village location: check. Plenty of space to huddle round the fire: check. A co
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5 Ways to Celebrate This Halloween
There’s something strange in the neighbourhood when zombies, corpse-brides and warlocks march along Manhattan’s Sixth Avenue as part of the Village Halloween Parade. If you want to take part you’ll need to wear appropriately spooky attire – otherwise
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Roaming in the Gloaming
from outside a guest lounge at the ‘Go-Down’ a deer with a vegetation problem cooking breakfast Little-known fact: one of the biggest rewilding projects in Europe can be found just over an hour from London. For 15 years, the 3,500-acre Knepp estate h
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Port in a Storm
Discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese sailors lost in a violent storm, Porto Santo is a tiny, arid volcanic island in the seas northeast of Madeira, home to just 5,500 souls. Today it remains a place of sanctuary for those seeking respite from
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Glenapp Castle
roast fillet of aged Scotch beef with white onion puree and a truffle scented jus a Grand Garden view room afternoon tea in the library an aerial view of the castle and grounds looking out to the Firth of Clyde and beyond The season of ‘mists and mel
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Photographer Matt Munro on capturing Jökulsárlón lagoon Black sands, craggy mountainsides and huge, hulking icebergs: Jökulsárlón lagoon delivers an eerie, otherworldly beauty ‘The day before I took this shot, we’d arrived at the lagoon only to find
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Plan Your Trip
1 Discover Iceland’s most creative arts and crafts hub in Seyðisfjörður, a small former fishing community (p48). 2 Seek out elves and trolls, and possibly even a sea monster, in the mountains of Borgarfjörður Eystri (p50). 3 Hop in a Zodiac for a buc
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Wild Frontier
The remote headland of Cape Tribulation in northwest Queensland was named by explorer Captain James Cook. ON 17 JUNE 1770, CAPTAIN JAMES COOK and his bedraggled crew appeared at the mouth of the Waalumbaal River, desperate for sanctuary. After findin
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Qantas, Philippine Airlines and several other airlines codeshare services into Cairns (from £730;, but Qantas is the sole airline operating flights from London to Cooktown, via Dubai and Sydney or Brisbane. A car is essential for getting
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France From the Source
The village of Chédigny in the LoireValley of Central France fishing nets hanging outside a hut in Cap Ferret, in the Southwest of France baguettes being made at the Boulangerie Parisienne in Paris the Principality of Monaco Over the following pages,
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Beyond Compare?
The beach at Bom Bom on Príncipe, with its stilted walkway crossing the water to an island resort of the same name (p87) Rainforest cloaks 90 per cent of the island of Príncipe, tumbling down from its volcanic peaks to trespass on the coves that crea
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Sâo Tomé and Príncipe
TAP Portugal flies from London to São Tomé via Lisbon. The flight stops briefly at Accra, Ghana (from £780; Car hire (4WD) on São Tomé costs around £35-£40 per day. When you consider potholes, power cuts and potential language barriers,
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Cabin Fever
WITH RATINGS FOR: COSINESS WILDERNESS SELF-SUFFICIENCY Amid the woods and meadows of the western Weald, Little Bear is a cabin comfortably big enough for two, and far enough from city lights that its namesake constellation should be a familiar pre
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Quiet Please
‘I had 15 minutes to shoot Dublin’s famous 16th-century Trinity College Library, home to the 9th-century Book of Kells, before hundreds of visitors streamed in.’ ‘In the reading room of Berlin’s Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum, built in 2009, all the
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Joanina library, Coimbra (below), because of the different quirks it has. The library director showed me the hidden staircases and the ladders built into the wall – you can press a button and they pop out. There are all these different features that
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Hilltop Tuscany
(; Piazza del Duomo, San Gimignano) San Gimignano’s Romanesque cathedral houses frescoes depicting episodes from the Old and New Testaments. Look out, too, for the Cappella di Santa Fina, near the main altar – a Renaissance chapel
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Siena's Pilgrim Trail
/ START: PORTA CAMOLLIA / FINISH: MUSEALE SANTA MARIA DELLA SCALA / LENGTH: ONE MILE;TWO HOURS In medieval times, thousands of pilgrims walked theVia Francigena, a route connecting the great cathedral at Canterbury in England with the holy city of Ro
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Tuscany on Film
Tuscany has long been a popular location for international rock of film andTV nd shoots.The following are among the best: TheEnglishPatient (Anthony Minghella; 1996) Includes scenes shot in a monastery outside Pienza but is predominantly remembered f
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Best of Virginia
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Horse Country
shopping on Washington St Grazing outside Middleburg. Forty miles west of Washington, DC, suburban sprawl gives way to endless green farms, vineyards, quaint villages and palatial estates and ponies.This is ‘Horse Country,’ where wealthy Washingtonia