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October 2017
PCWorld3 min read
Equifax Hack: How to Know if You’re Affected
Credit monitoring agency Equifax revealed shocking news late September 7: A data breach of the company’s servers from mid-May through July 2017 resulted in the theft of the personal information of up to 143 million U.S. consumers—a huge chunk of the
PCWorld2 min read
Google Drive Is Being Replaced by Backup and Sync: What to Expect
Google Drive for both the PC and Mac will begin to die on December 11, Google said in early September. Depending on whether you’re a business user or a strict consumer, it will be reborn as one of two new apps: Backup and Sync, for consumers, or Driv
PCWorld2 min read
Acer’s Switch 7 Could Overpower the Surface Pro and MacBook Pro
Acer’s Switch 7 Black Edition is big, black, and ready to stomp on the Surface Pro and MacBook Pro 13. Sporting the latest quad-core CPU from Intel plus discrete graphics, it offers serious horsepower in a surprisingly slim package. Acer says the Swi
PCWorld2 min read
Google Chrome Will Start Blocking Noisy Autoplay Videos in January
Google is taking aim at one of the biggest scourges of the modern web. Starting in January 2018, the Chrome browser will automatically block noisy autoplay video on webpages. “One of the most frequent user concerns is unexpected media playback, which
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The Timing Is Perfect for a New Chromebook Pixel
One thing is certain about Google’s fall event: A Pixel will steal the show. It might not be the one that fits in your pocket. A rumor published by Android Police says Google is working on a follow-up to its discontinued second-generation Chromebook
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Comcast Is the Fastest ISP, and T-Mobile Is the Fastest Wireless Carrier, Ookla Says
Comcast is the fastest broadband ISP in the United States, according to Ookla, the developer behind the popular website. Ookla also named T-Mobile as the fastest wireless carrier in the U.S. Ookla found that Comcast Xfinity narrowly top
PCWorld22 min read
AMD Radeon RX Vega: Vega 56, Vega 64, and liquid-cooled Vega 64 tested
After months of teases and delays, the wait for Vega is finally over. First, AMD launched its flagship Radeon RX 64 lineup: the $499 Radeon RX Vega 64 and the $699 liquidcooled Radeon RX Vega 64, which is only available as part of a convoluted “Radeo
PCWorld8 min read
Acer Predator 21 X: The Most Insane Laptop Ever Built
There are three things you should immediately know about Acer’s Predator 21 X laptop. First, it’s hands down the fastest laptop we’ve ever seen. Period. Second, it’s the widest laptop we’ve ever seen: 22.4 inches wide, 12.4 inches deep, and 2.71 inch
PCWorld11 min read
Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Don’t Call It a Comeback, Call It the Phone of the Year
No one would have blamed Samsung if the Note 8 were never released. After a global recall halted sales of the Note 7 in their tracks, some execs at Samsung probably floated the idea of retiring the Note brand altogether. It’s good they didn’t. The No
PCWorld7 min read
Logitech Craft Hands-On: This Keyboard’s Mini-Surface Dial Is Truly Innovative
The Logitech Craft keyboard is what happens when a keyboard engineer glimpses Microsoft’s Surface Dial hockey-puck peripheral and decides: We can do that, too. Pairing a small, Dial-like keyboard knob with software templates preconfigured for popular
PCWorld5 min read
LG V30 Hands-On: A 6-Inch Beast With More Power and Fewer Gimmicks
The V30 isn’t the typical fall flagship from LG. While the V20 was a bountiful bag of tricks for hardcore Android nerds, the V30 is more subtle and refined—LG’s bid to make a premium Android phone that appeals to a wider audience. The philosophy shif
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Best Password Managers of 2017: Reviews of the Top Products
We are terrible at passwords. We suck at creating them (the top two most popular remain “123456” and “password”), we share them way too freely, and we forget them all the time. Indeed, the very thing that can ensure our online security has become out
PCWorld10 min read
The Best PC Game Recording Software: 5 Freeware Capture Tools Compared
Whether you’re an emerging Twitch broadcaster or simply a gamer who wants to share your epic gaming highlights with pals, recording your video gameplay is all the rage these days. But which recording software should you use if you’re just dipping you
PCWorld9 min read
Android 8 Oreo
Get your phones ready because Android Oreo is finally here. (That’s right, it’s called Oreo, not Orangina.) After months of betas, an eclipse-themed countdown, and the usual rampant naming speculation, Google has lifted the veil of secrecy from Andro
PCWorld3 min read
5 Awesome YouTube App Features
It can be easy to take the YouTube app for granted. It’s been there for years, opening videos when you click on a link, and receding into the background when you’re done. However, the YouTube app can do more than serve video links, and you’re probabl
PCWorld3 min read
How to Stream Media From Your PC to Your HDTV Over Wi-Fi
Say you have a nice collection of media on your PC in one room, but you’d like to be able to view it on your nice big TV in another room. Windows offers a simple way to do that over Wi-Fi. There’s actually an open standard for sharing media files acr
PCWorld5 min read
Galaxy S8 Battery Life Tips: How to Control Battery Drain
The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are two of the best Android smartphones available, but if you’re going to get any use out of features like Bixby Voice and Samsung’s stellar camera, you’ll want to implement a few powersaving strategies. Fortunately, Samsung bun
PCWorld9 min read
How to Get Started With Linux: A Beginner’s Guide
The world of Linux is ready to welcome you, with a shower of free open-source software you can use on any PC: hundreds of active Linux distributions, and dozens of different desktop environments you could run on them. It’s a far cry from the one-size