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October 2017
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Toni: Gora Mamay, Russia
IT WAS AN ENTIRELY CLOUDLESS MORNING. I was following a Russian woman toward a couloir deep in the backcountry somewhere in the middle of her country. I barely knew her, but she seemed good-natured. Toni was a schoolteacher in her 30s from Irkutsk wh
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Claire Smallwood Is a Champion for Women
Growing up in New Mexico, nobody in my family skied except my older brother. I learned to ski through subsidized school skiing programs. It opened me up to this sense of freedom I’d never experienced. In college, I got involved in the ski and snowboa
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Cozy Slopeside Cabin In Heart of Scenic Ski Town
Mount Shredly, United States 3 reviews Entire home 6 guests 1 bath 1 bed Full Cabin, 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath (sleeps six) $199 x 5 nights: $995 Cleaning Fee: $50 Service Fee*: $200 Total: $1,245 *May or may not include exorcism**, depending on whether Past
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The Titus Miracle
THE WHO: In mid-February, the hype of Titus looms over the St. Lawrence University campus like a dark storm. Freshmen listen to stories while upperclassmen wrack their brains trying to remember how exactly it went down last year. It was definitely a
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A Taste of the Far East in the Northeast
A ramen shop in a Jay Peak tramcar may seem like an odd order, but for Jordan and Momo Antonucci and their dog, Miso, it has become the ultimate ski bum recipe. Adventure brought the two skiers together as raft guides in Japan, then the couple follow
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There’s Something in the Snow at Mount Baker
Will Hutchinson, 21, is peering over the edge of a cliff that looks like a diving board, trying to spot his landing. The conditions at Mount Baker Ski Area are so soupy he can hardly see through the fog, but he doesn’t let the poor visibility deter h
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Kids Will Ruin Your Life
Sweating. Winded. Frazzled. We finally made it through the queue and onto the tramdock. Instantly, people began to gawk. Some whispered. As the crowd pushed forward, an older man leaned in to speak to us. “Son,” the man said, “are these your kids?” “
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How to Tell Someone to Shut Up About Alta, Already
Big Sky or Bridger, and why? —RON, KILLINGTON, VT Oh, Ronny. Hasn’t anyone told you that ski resort rivalries are bullshit? I suppose you think Killington is better than Stowe? Well, guess what—everyone thinks his or her home mountain is the end-all
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Common Ailments of the Common Skier
AILMENT: ALOPECIA CAPITIS TOTALIS CAUSED BY: Genetics, wearing a hat every day since you were 10 years old. SYMPTOMS: Thin to no undercover; sudden urge to do a comb-over; forgot your hat one time and got severely sunburned. AILMENT: SEPARATED CORNEA
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New York State of Mind
It’s 6 a.m. in New York City and I am hungover. A giant billboard emblazoned with a half-naked Calvin Klein model towers over me as I awkwardly carry my skis, boots, and poles to the corner of Houston and Lafayette and blearily wait for a tour bus to
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Old School
IT’S STILL DARK AT 7 A.M. when Randy Elliott climbs onto a snowmobile outside the ski patrol locker room at Bridger Bowl, Montana. Riding up from the base area, the air has that dry, it-hasn’tsnowed- in-a-week bite. He parks beside the Bridger Lift’s
Powder13 min readPolitics
The Tower of Sun
Inside the sea green hut at the top of Mount Hermon, a half dozen ski patrollers smoked cigarettes, sipped instant coffees, and discussed the difficulties of ski boots. Nabih Abo Saleh, the 20-year veteran ski patrol director, gazed out the window. I
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Dope Runners
One day not long ago, above a tumbledown gold mining camp at the upper headwaters of the Feather River, a contest was underway. Two contenders— the last men standing in a field of 16—maneuvered to the starting line at the top of the slope. Organizers
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The 2018 Apparel Guide
This winter, we assembled 15 exceptionally talented skiers from around the country to form the Powder Order of Sartorial Splendor and Excellence, and tasked them with skiing in more than a hundred jackets and pants to determine the best new outerwear
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Learning How to Live
In my world, there are two very difficult situations to explain. One, what it feels like to receive the diagnosis of cancer, and two, how to explain the euphoria of skiing. Within the cancer community, I find it hard to listen to other people with th