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October #58.6 2017
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Editor’s Note
I couldn’t stop laughing on the inside as I watched Torrey Meister fly down the line on a chunky right-hander at NLand Surf Park, trying to keep a shiny white cowboy hat firmly affixed to his head in a stiff offshore wind. He managed to keep it in pl
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Rise of the Machines
WICHITA, Kan. — FLYover Surf, the newly opened artificial-wave park in Wichita, Kan., had to close its doors after the computer program used to control the size and shape of the wave suffered an “existential malfunction,” according to staff. “My son
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Do Something
“Get out there and make some shit.” That about sums up Thomas Campbell’s advice for would-be surf filmmakers. Or artists. Or musicians. Or anyone who wants to get creative, really. Known for his soulful, quirkily fun take on the alternative surfcraft
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Oscar Billy Pippen Wright, 41
“If you can keep that childish spirit alive in yourself, you’ll keep having the best time in the water. ” Some things never change. As a kid, I was non-stop drawing and skating and surfing. I was lost in my own world, played like a maniac, and got su
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Warts and All
When it comes to my own DIY ethos, I’d drawn a line well in front of making surfboards. Sure, I’ll brew my own beer, ferment my own sauerkraut and wrench on my own truck like the flannel-wearing, beard-growing, walking Northern California stereotype
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IF YOU BUILD IT, They Will Surf
It was before 8 a.m. at NLand Surf Park just outside of Austin, Texas, and wispy clouds of steam rose from the warm surface of the water, condensing in the still-cool spring air. Without a breath of wind, the water mirrored the slate-gray sky and the
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Lessons From John
Severson, pictured here at the SURFER offices in the summer of 1970, was revered by his employees for his many talents and humble demeanor. We may not notice when they occur, but little things make big differences in how we get to where we are. It’s
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The Furnace Carbon Ultra is the pinnacle of wetsuit innovation. An incredibly warm, light and flexible suit with a Japanese carbon fiber lining. Drymax entry system and welded seams seals water out. STAY WARMER. STAY DRIER. SURF ALL DAY Limited quant
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Proctor Worldwide Custom
Shaper: Todd Proctor 805-658-7659 @proctor_Surfboards PostModern Retroactive Twin Dimensions: Custom/ any and all dims available. Photo: 5'6" x 20" x 2 3/8" (30.5 L) Fins: Marine plywo