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October 6 2017
Newsweek12 min readPolitics
The Grand Theft Auto Killers
One of the most horrific killing sprees under Putin was also one of the most mystifying, giving rise to explosive rumors of high-level cover-ups and terrible vengeance.
Newsweek11 min read
Donald Trump Is 'The Most Dangerous Man in the World'
The nonmedical definition of paranoia is the tendency toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others. By his own words, Trump operates on the assumption that everyone is out to get him.
Newsweek4 min readPolitics
Why Democrats Can Win In 2018—Even In Blood-Red Alabama
Though his name may sound like that of a comic book villain, Senator Luther Strange is a pretty normal Republican—at least by Alabama standards. Since former Governor Robert Bentley appointed him to replace Jeff Sessions in the Senate in February, St
Newsweek4 min readTech
Trump Can Destroy N. Korea's Nukes Without a Land War
In the long view of history, North Korea getting a nuclear-tipped intercontinental missile in 2017 is the rough equivalent of an army showing up for World War II riding horses and shooting muskets. Nukes are so last century. War is changing, driven b
Newsweek3 min read
Portland Police End Gang List
Some law enforcement experts say their gang member databases help fight gang crime and improve public safety, while critics say they are overly broad and include people who never were or are no longer in gangs.
Newsweek2 min read
Space E. coli Shapeshifts to Defend Against Antibiotics
Experiments on the International Space Station have shown how bacteria can effectively defend itself.
Newsweek4 min read
Keeping Endangered Parrots Safe in a Hurricane
As part of a 50-year quest to save the species, biologists tended to the birds in a hurricane-proof aviary.
Newsweek3 min readSociety
PETA Wants Vegans to Donate Their Poop
Fecal transplant has become the gold-standard treatment for some GI infections, which means first-rate stool is in high demand.
Newsweek11 min read
Virtual Meets Reality: Inside NBA 2K and Pro Basketball
Tanking. Tons of three-pointers. Up-tempo play. The hallmarks of modern NBA play were staples for 2K players.
Newsweek4 min read
How Tom Cruise Made His Career After the Couch Jump
In 2005, America’s top actor seemed to annihilate his reputation and career with two daytime TV appearances. Twelve years later, here’s how Tom Cruise stealthily prevailed.