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October 1 2017
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AR You Going to Get to Work?
DAN COSTA @dancosta Google Glass got a bad rap. It was really cool technology that flopped (very) publicly, in part, because it insisted on a seat at the cool kid’s table. But it turns out that Google Glass wasn’t cut out for the runway—it was built
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Reader Input
Tips From Our Readers We’ve written hundreds (or thousands) of how-to articles over the years, but our readers have some excellent tips and tricks of their own; here are some they’ve shared. “HOW TO DO A REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH FROM YOUR PHONE” (SEPTE
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Microsoft, Facebook Unveil Open Standard for AI, Deep Learning Networks
As AI and deep learning have gone mainstream, a wide range of companies have announced they’ll bring compatible products to market. Everyone from Google and Nvidia to AMD and Fujitsu have thrown their hats into this particular ring. But the software
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AI-Generated Reviews Easily Fool Humans
Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet: Researchers at the University of Chicago have trained an artificial intelligence system to generate fake Web reviews. Led by Professor Ben Y. Zhao, the team demonstrated how easily a recurrent neural
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Verizon, AT&T May Be Choking Unlimited Data Users
4G LTE speeds in the U.S. are getting faster, but our wireless networks may be choking down unlimited data users, according to a new report from Ookla Speedtest. That makes T-Mobile the fastest mobile carrier in the U.S., according to crowdsourced sp
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Fast Forward: Are Smartphones Hurting Our Kids?
Fast Forward is a series of conversations with tech leaders hosted by Dan Costa, PCMag’s Editor-in-Chief. Costa’s guest for this episode was Dr. Jean Twenge, who recently wrote a piece for The Atlantic called “Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
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What We Love Most This Month
SPECDRUMS Are you a fidgety tapper? Why not make some music while you’re at it? When you tap on different colors with these connected rings, they make beats or notes that correspond to the colors. Specdrums come with a 12-color keyboard, but they’ll
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Equifax Must Pay
Sascha Segan @saschasegan Credit monitoring company Equifax is now in the running for the worst handling of a data breach ever. Not only did it potentially give up ready-made identity-theft packages for more than half of all adult Americans, but its
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Don’t Let Your Guard Down When Using Social Media
Tim Bajarin @Bajarin Social media platforms are not all the same. For example, I use Facebook almost exclusively for personal use to connect with friends, family, or business acquaintances, while Twitter is for news and commentary I find interesting
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Galaxy Note 8 Is Pinnacle of Smartphone Tech
SASCHA SEGAN Samsung Galaxy Note 8 $929.99 4.5/5 Stars PROS High-quality, waterproof build. Improved S Pen stylus. Dual cameras. Modem supports emerging networks. CONS Expensive. Too big to work with current Gear VR headset. The Samsung Galaxy
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Tile Pro Sport Helps You Find Your Missing Items
AJAY KUMAR Tile Pro Sport $35 4.5/5 Stars PROS Rugged, waterproof build. Long range. Supports alarm volume control. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. CONS Non-removable battery. I have a bad habit of misplacing my Bluetooth hea
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Five Top Portable Chargers and Power Banks
AJAY KUMAR Anker PowerCore 10000 With Quick Charge 3.0 Review $35.99 EDITORS’ CHOICE 4.5/5 Stars PROS: Affordable. Compact and lightweight. Large battery capacity. Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. CONS: No pass-through charging. BOTTOM LINE
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Our New Best High-End All-In-One Desktop
TOM BRANT Dell XPS 27 (Kaby Lake, 2017) $1,399.99 4/5 Stars PROS 4K touch screen. Superb audio. Excellent graphics and multimedia performance. CONS Pricey. Awkward port placement. Plan to replace your hard drive or add memory in a few years? W
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The Ideal Mainstream Business Laptop
JOEL SANTO DOMINGO Lenovo ThinkPad T470 Starts at $783.20; $1,383.20 as tested 4.5/5 Stars PROS Comfortable keyboard. 17 hours of battery life with upgraded battery. Hot-swappable battery. Ethernet port and Thunderbolt 3 port. CONS Muddy sound.
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Logitech’s Reliable Wireless Gaming Keyboard
TOM BRANT Logitech G613 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard $149.99 3.5/5 Stars PROS Easy-to-use Logitech Gaming Software. Understated, even elegant styling. CONS Non-removable wrist rest. No lighting. Lacks a built-in battery. Some gamers pre
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A Hands-on Preview of Apple’s iOS 11
MAX EDDY, MICHAEL MUCHMORE Apple iOS 11 (preview) PROS Game-changing multitasking options. Drag-and-drop functionality. File picker. Cool new Photos effects. Person-to-person payments. Augmented-reality support. CONS Best new features are iPad-on
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With Oreo, Android Gets Even Sweeter
MAX EDDY Google Android 8.0 Oreo Free 4.5/5 Stars PROS Fine-grain notification controls. Picture-in-picture. Autofill for apps. Smart icons. New emojis. Improved security features won’t limit freedom of app choice. CONS You might not get it soon
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Augmented Reality Goes to Work
At a GE Renewable Energy factory in Pensacola, FL, a technician is assembling the wiring of an electrical cabinet that goes into the hub of a wind turbine—a complex process that involves matching hundreds of wires into their corresponding sockets. Th
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User Guide to Analog Instant Cameras
For most of her 19 years, my daughter took only digital photos, with either a digital camera or smartphone. But about a year ago, she decided she wanted to shoot with an instant film camera. Puzzled, I asked her why, since I knew she understood she’d
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Best Products of IFA 2017
The IFA technology trade show is Europe’s version of the yearly CES show in Las Vegas. Every September, electronics manufacturers from all over the world come to Germany to show off their latest devices. It’s the biggest source of major industry anno
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How to Preserve Vintage Electronics
I’m a journalist who specializes in technology history; to inform me in my quest to understand and preserve historical electronic devices, I’ve been collecting computers and video game consoles for almost a quarter century. In the process of dealing
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How to Save Money With Microsoft Edge and Cortana
The Cortana voice assistant in Windows 10 lets you ask questions, issue commands, and perform tasks with the tap of a finger or sound of your voice. But Cortana has another trick up its sleeve, one designed to save you money: When you use the Microso
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The Cloud Is Big Business, But for How Long?
JOHN C. DVORAK @ THErealDVORAK Cloud storage is big business. Can you keep your servers running and connected to the internet? If so, it’s like printing money. The proof: For the first time, Microsoft makes more money from cloud services than from t