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October 1 2017
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1 Bill de Blasio appeared on the latest cover of New York Magazine, along with our prediction that he “is going to be mayor again, whether you like it or not”—an outcome that seemed even more certain after he routed Sal Albanese in the September 12 p
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Stoking Hope, and Anxiety
January 10, 1977 Demographers predict the millennial baby-boom. “The baby bust has, of course, affected all segments of American society and it has been in progress since 1957, the year that is considered the official climax of the post–World War I
New York Magazine5 min readPolitics
Hillary, Heated
Rebecca Traister BACK IN MAY, Hillary Clinton addressed the graduating seniors at Wellesley College and advised them: “Don’t be afraid of your ambition, your dreams, or even your anger.” Clinton, who at the time was working on her quick, raw postel
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Suddenly, Pricks Are Everywhere
WE ARE LIVING in a world full of assholes. To be sure: There are no census figures to back this up, no national registry from which to draw statistics, but one need only look at the headlines to see that the asshole population has not only grown in r
New York Magazine23 min read
A New Last Chance
For decades, “abnormal” embryos were thrown away. Then some pioneering doctors—and patients—decided to use them anyway. Could we be on the cusp of an IVF baby-boom?
New York Magazine26 min readPolitics
America Wasn’t Built for Humans
Tribalism was an urge our Founding Fathers assumed we could overcome. And so it has become our greatest vulnerability.
New York Magazine18 min read
BEWARE THE Open-Plan Kitchen
New York Magazine6 min readFashion & Beauty
Strong Shoulders, Big Bellies
SPRAWLING FROM Bushwick to Bedford, where Ralph Lauren served up burgers and tweeds at his private garage in Westchester, New York Fashion Week gave the stiletto crowd quite a workout. Not only did the shows seem to pay unusual homage to the city, wi
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The Look Book
INTERVIEW BY ALEXIS SWERDLOFF Nice bike! When I saw someone else riding an electric bike a few years ago, I thought, I have to have this. My three sons said I’d get hurt, and yes, I had a couple of falls in the beginning. But now I’m riding almost e
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Duck Feet, Gochujang, and a Pint of Häagen-Dazs
IN A TIME WHEN traditional supermarkets are on the wane, massive so-called ethnic stores like the Asian-focused H Mart and the eclectic Food Bazaar are on a tear, opening new branches around the city and the country (often in the vacant shells of def
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Mini Mania
THERE’S A PHOTO ON @thedailymini, an Instagram account dedicated to teeny-tiny replicas of everyday objects, of a postage-stamp-size bag of M&Ms spilling over with chocolates, each smaller than a grain of quinoa. In the comments, among “omg!!!” and “
New York Magazine4 min readFood & Wine
Undercover Omakase
EXCELLENT Ato 28 Grand St., nr. Sixth Ave. 646-838-9392 UNLIKE MANY OF the elaborately appointed Japanese-themed tasting parlors, sushi joints, and kaiseki palaces that have been blooming up all around town during this era of what yo
New York Magazine10 min readPop Culture
How a Hit Happens Now
The most influential playlist in music is Spotify’s RapCaviar, which turns mixtape rappers into megastars. And it’s all curated by one man.
New York Magazine6 min read
Mixtapes Saved My Career
Gucci Mane on the failure of his major-label debut and his radical response: Make as much music as you can, as quickly as you can, and release it all for free.
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He and She and They
THE QUESTION THAT kept getting asked by artists and curators and anybody, really, whom the art was not “about” gender—yet they were all chosen for how they use gender as a lens for looking at everything else. New Museum consulted while putting togeth
New York Magazine5 min readPop Culture
Soy un Colaborador
AS TOLD TO LANE BROWN COLORS is out October 13. “FOR THIS ALBUM, I wanted to make something that was uplifting, had a lot of energy, and made you want to sing along. How do you do that legitimately, from a real musical place? You can go through the
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Exclamation Mark Included
DAVID EDELSTEIN MOTHER! DIRECTED BY DARREN ARONOFSKY. PARAMOUNT. R. DARREN ARONOFSKY’S Mother! makes me regret ever using feverish as a term of praise. In the physical world, a fever—though unpleasant—is valuable in driving out infection, and appl
New York Magazine4 min read
The Fourth Horseman
MATT ZOLLER SEITZ BOJACK HORSEMAN: SEASON FOUR NETFLIX. THE MOST STRUCTURALLY dazzling and heartbreaking comedy on TV is an animated show about a talking horse. Nobody could have imagined typing that sentence, much less reading it, three years ago
New York Magazine5 min read
What Is Kafka Doing Here?
CHRISTIAN LORENTZEN FOREST DARK BY NICOLE KRAUSS. HARPER. 304 PAGES. $28. NICOLE KRAUSS’S NEW NOVEL, Forest Dark, her fourth, is split into two narratives about New Yorkers who go to Israel in search of epiphanies. One is a wealthy 68-year-old Man
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Party Lines
CELEBRATION FOR NETFLIX’S DEF COMEDY JAM 25 BEVERLY HILTON HOTEL, LOS ANGELES. SEPTEMBER 10. “Def Jam comedians were the voices Hollywood wouldn’t give breaks to—and there are a lot of talented people who still need a break!” —Russell Simmons “I g