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October 1 2017
Fast Company3 min readPsychology
How to Lead With Empathy
My first boss was a bully. Just before I started working for him, a rumor circulated that he’d once thrown a desk out the window. Maybe the story was apocryphal, but it didn’t feel that way to those of us under his thumb. He would yell and curse. We
Fast Company2 min read
Steering Uber Forward
Claire Dodson Bozoma Saint John Chief brand officer, Uber During her three years as head of global consumer marketing for Apple Music, Bozoma Saint John used her branding prowess to tap into powerful partnerships (see: an ad that featured Taylor S
Fast Company2 min read
Updates From the MIC Alumni
Facebook MILESTONES Facebook has signed partnerships with companies such as Vox, Group Nine Media, and BuzzFeed as it seeks to move into long- and short-form original programming. The shows would allow Facebook to place ads against even more content
Fast Company2 min read
Fight or Flight
Elizabeth Segran Nike At the 2012 London Olympics, Nike debuted its now-lauded Flyknit technology, a strong and ultralight synthetic yarn used to construct durable, breathable sneakers. Five years later, Nike is now taking Flyknit into a brand-new
Fast Company2 min read
Eataly Taps Into Its Inner Disney
Claire Dodson Eataly After opening outposts in 31 cities in 12 countries across the globe, the Italian fooderie Eataly is returning to its birthplace with its newest launch: a $118 million experiential park called FICO Eataly World. When it opens i
Fast Company6 min read
Game of Phones
According to Andy Rubin, the modern mobile ecosystem is broken. He should know: He helped break it. When Rubin, the inventor of the Android operating system and godfather of the smartphone market, surveys the industry today, he sees squandered oppor
Fast Company6 min read
Bumble Gets Down to Business
Last year, two people met cute the modern way. Ashley and Connor matched on Bumble, the dating app where people swipe through potential partners but only women are allowed to initiate a conversation. They started texting. But when Ashley asked an inn
Fast Company7 min read
“You Just Can’t Imagine How Hard It Is”
Venture capitalist Ellen Pao’s discrimination lawsuit had such an impact on the Valley that it’s been called “the Pao effect,” inspiring more women to speak up. Now she’s on a mission to make the tech industry a more accessible place for everyone.
Fast Company4 min read
A New Food Chain
The future of world food aid arrived, in early May, unnoticed by its first recipients: the grocery shoppers inside a supermarket at the Azraq camp in Jordan, home to 36,000 Syrian refugees. To be fair, their buying process already looked pretty high-
Fast Company3 min readPop Culture
The Music Maker
How producer and Vampire Weekend alum Rostam Batmanglij inspires ingenuity from A-list artists
Fast Company4 min read
Beyond Crowdfunding
Patreon is changing how creative types make a living. Now it wants to help them build media empires.
Fast Company17 min readTech
Microsoft Rewrites the Code
Fast Company5 min read
The C in CEO Stands for Culture
Microsoft’s mind-set for transforming from a place full of know-it-alls to one filled with learn-it-alls
Fast Company5 min read
A Chat App With Benefits
Mobile chat is where it’s okay to be dumb. Your LinkedIn page may be a work of art wrought in HR-friendly prose; your tweets, so sharp you could shave with them. But texting? Let the autocorrect errors fly! Why punctuate? Isn’t that what old people d
Fast Company4 min readTech
A Leap Toward Custom-Printed Footwear
MARK WILSON The soles look like intricate baskets woven from clear seafoam green toothpaste. The sensation underfoot is bouncy yet firm, and strangely, you can literally feel the air passing under your feet. There are only a few hundred pairs of Adi
Fast Company2 min read
A New Sensation in Virtual Reality
MW VR technology lets you travel from the bottom of the ocean to the top of Mount Everest, glimpsing some of the planet’s most remote sites along the way. And yet it’s always had a shortcoming: You can look, but you can’t touch. Apple vet Caitlin Ka
Fast Company2 min read
A Rental Property That’s Reviving a Community
CK Airbnb executives heard an inspiring story a few years ago about a mother who’d created the first listing in her town of Tokamachi, Japan. Like many small communities in the country, Tokamachi had been hollowed out by urban migration and an aging
Fast Company1 min read
A Finger-Saving Solution
MW iPhones. Android tablets. MacBooks. The desktop PC. Traditionally, each device at your work space requires its very own keyboard, and switching among them during the day often requires you to literally juggle. The Logitech K780 keyboard, which we
Fast Company4 min read
A Crowdsourced Way to Reach Those in Need
JP If you heard an app described as “Tinder, but for humanitarian relief,” you’d probably think you were watching an episode of HBO’s satirical TV series Silicon Valley. But MapSwipe—a collaborative effort by Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans F
Fast Company1 min readSociety
A Trustworthy Tracker
AS TOLD TO MEG MILLER Just before Planned Parenthood began celebrating its 100th birthday in October last year, the organization created its first digital product. Spot On is a free period- and birth-control-tracking app that’s been downloaded more
Fast Company1 min readTech
A Bright Idea
DB THE PRODUCT Swedish furniture and lifestyle brand Ikea is extending its attractive-yet-affordable design aesthetic to technology. In April, the company launched Wi-Fi– and remote-controlled LED bulbs that allow people to create the right ambienc
Fast Company1 min read
A Smarter Suitcase
DB Warby Parker alums and frequent fliers Jen Rubio and Steph Korey started the luggage company Away in 2016 to solve one of travel’s biggest pains: not having a suitcase that fits your needs (or your shoes). After extensive user research—during whi
Fast Company1 min read
A Wireless Breast Pump
BELINDA LANKS THE PRODUCT Wireless technology allows us to talk on the phone, listen to music, and print spreadsheets without using a cord. But women who pump breast milk find themselves isolated in a room and tethered by tubes to a machine, with s
Fast Company2 min read
A Language Made From Three Keystrokes
MW What will the internet of things (IoT) look like, really? How will it be when our trash cans can talk to our refrigerators in some sort of meaningful way? Currently, the sector is small—only 5% of U.S. homes contain connected appliances—but it is
Fast Company1 min readTech
A Water-Saving Shower
KATHARINE SCHWAB THE PRODUCT The Nebia Shower System was designed to conserve water—up to 70% per use—while delivering an entirely new cleansing experience. Nebia’s showerhead atomizes water into millions of droplets, dramatically increasing surfac
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A Modular Airplane
KS To the chagrin of cramped coach passengers, airplane-cabin design hasn’t changed significantly in decades. That’s not only because it’s most profitable for airlines to jam in as many fliers as possible, but because changing 100 miles of wiring in