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Why You Should Think Twice About Those DNA-By-Mail Results

In a new book, University of North Carolina-Charlotte anthropologist Jonathan Marks says that racism in science is alive and well. This stands in sharp contrast to creationist thinking, Marks says, which is, like racism, decidedly evident in our society but most certainly not welcome in science. In Is Science Racist?, Marks writes: "If you espouse creationist ideas in science, you are branded as an ideologue, as a close-minded pseudo-scientist who is unable to adopt a modern perspective, and who consequently has no place in the community of scholars. But if you espouse racist ideas in science,
The New York Times
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Who Do We Think Of as Poor?

Tracie McMillan is the author of “The American Way of Eating.” Several years ago, during a harsh Detroit winter, I swallowed my pride and applied for food stamps. I wasn’t sure I’d qualify, but I knew three things. I had little money in the bank, little chance of quickly earning more and I needed to eat. So I tried my luck with the government. I received $16 a month in benefits. By my cynical calculation, the eight hours I had spent applying would pay for itself, at minimum wage, after four months. I was grateful for the help. Usually, my $4 a week bought bacon, which could stretch several bat
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Gorgeous Photo Series Shatters Stereotypes About What It Means To Be Beautiful

Zuly Garcia is not here for traditional ideas of womanhood. And with her recent photo series “Flores Políticos”, she is rewriting what it means to be a woman of color in the United States while also representing her indigenous roots. After watching her friends struggle with the pressures of European beauty standards, she saw a need to show a different kind of beauty, one that was inclusive to those who looked like her. A diversity in entertainment study conducted by the University of Southern California found that between 2014 and 2015 just 2% of TV and film speaking characters were coded as