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What This Teen Mom Wishes She'd Known Before She Got Pregnant

Not that long ago, Maria Nalubega, 16, suspected she was pregnant. The teen from Mbuya-Kinawataka, a slum in Uganda, had not been using contraception with her boyfriend of two years. She feared what her neighbors might think if they saw her buying condoms at the local shop. She was terrified to ask for advice from her single mother, who expected to her to abstain from sex until marriage. And she simply thought she was too young to become pregnant. In Uganda — where I also grew up — Nalubega's circumstances are not unusual. It's hard for young people to get information about sex and pregnancy.
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US Pro-life Group Funneling Money Into A Country Whose Laws Have Proved Fatal For Women

A self-described “pro-life” group based in the United States is propping up El Salvador’s universal abortion ban, a law that has proved fatal for the Central American nation’s women. According to a Guardian report published Wednesday, the Virginia-based Human Life International would appear to have gifted Sí a la Vida (“Yes to Life”), the anti-abortion group bolstering El Salvador’s ban on the procedure, nearly $700,000 between 2000 and 2014. The El Salvadoran legislative assembly amended the country’s constitution to criminalize abortion in 1999, outlawing the procedure in every circumstanc
The Wall Street Journal
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For Some Men, Vasectomies Are Anything But Sterile: Booze, Steaks, Prescription Drugs

Businessmen Rob Ferretti and Jeb Lopez skipped work for a day of booze, steaks and prescription drugs at a hideaway outside Washington, D.C. The two pals, married with children, made a convivial—and somewhat vulgar—video as they drank and giggled away the hours before heading home. Neither man could drive afterward, but their wives were remarkably supportive. Mr. Ferretti, 36 years old, and Mr. Lopez, 44, had enjoyed themselves under the supervision of a doctor for what some are calling a brosectomy—a vasectomy with friends in a cushy setting of couches, snacks, big-screen TV, and in some c