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Body 2017

EVERYBODY HAS A BODY, BUT NO BODY IS PERFECT. Think all great athletes are flawless? Javier Baez was born with crooked feet that needed braces—and now patrols the infield for the Cubs. Kirstie Ennis lost a leg in Afghanistan—then made herself into a multisport superstar. Guard Isaiah Thomas peaked at 5-foot-9—and last season scored more points than anyone his height in NBA history. Heck, softball player A.J. Andrews broke multiple bones in her hand—and still became the first woman to win a Gold Glove. Yes, everybody has a body—and as this, our ninth Body Issue, proves, every body tells a stor
ESPN The Magazine
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Still Standing

Greg Oden has a recurring dream. He’s playing defense for the Trail Blazers. He blocks a shot and passes to the outlet and sprints down-court, light and fast and strong. He’s three years removed from his last NBA appearance now, trying to build a new life out of the lows of his last one, but in the dream he can still play. He can still run. He glides to the paint, catches a return pass and dunks. Coast-to-coast. The crowd explodes. He feels a sweet rush of adrenaline. Fans love him, and he loves himself—all joy and no shame. ODEN IS IN the lobby of the academic support center on the Ohio Stat
ESPN The Magazine
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Thrown For A Curve

Six weeks is all. Six weeks in Jameson Taillon’s life that somehow felt like both a flash of lightning and an eternity. Six weeks from feeling something foreign in his left testicle to cancer surgery to recovery. Six weeks of panic and isolation and fear and relief. Six weeks. • Taillon is 25 years old, 6-foot-5, sturdy like something that grows from the ground, smart and composed, mature in a way that young men of his station rarely are. He was the second pick of the 2010 draft, the future of the Pirates, eternally destined to be sandwiched between Bryce Harper and Manny Machado in baseball’s
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Gut instinct vs. big data…

Does incorporating data analysis take away from the art of sports, or does it sweeten the taste of victory? This “Moneyball”-esque tale about the MLB Pirates puts in the hard work & examines the raw data to find out.