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Time Management

Should You Ignore Your Emails or Get Them to Zero?

Let your emails pile up, or fight to achieve inbox zero? Two entrepreneurs from different schools of thought explain the reasoning behind their email-management methods.  Related: 4 Tips to Better Manage Your Email Inbox “The day I realized my email was not my to-do list but just other people’s to-do list for me, I had this incredible realization: Constantly managing an inbox is like doing someone else’s homework! The minute I stopped running my day based on my email, I immediately became more effective. And it’s not about ignoring messages; being responsive is really important, and it’s indic
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Tristan Walker's Challenge: 'How Can I Be the Best CEO I Can Be?'

The 40 or so students sitting before him nod. They’re assembled here at the Stanford Graduate School of Business for a class called Entrepreneurship from Diverse Perspectives, where female and minority entrepreneurs and investors are invited to speak. The hope is to cultivate an appreciation for the value of diversity among the country’s next business leaders. If you’ve ever heard Tristan Walker speak, diversity was almost certainly the topic. A Stanford grad himself, he keynotes conferences on the subject. He’s been a fixture at SXSW. Almost any newspaper article, radio segment or magazine st
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Is Your Boss Too Controlling? Many Employees Clash With Micromanagers

Micromanagement is routinely the top complaint people have about their bosses, and in today's good job market where workers have more options, that's a bigger problem for employers. People might have their own definition of when a manager crosses into being too controlling, but most people would probably agree that Marjon Bell's former boss would fit. On her first day on a marketing job at a Virginia Beach, Va., insurance company, Bell's boss sent an email barring employees from bringing cell phones to the office. The email said that moms, especially, spent too much time on their phones checki
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The income of your dreams…

Laugh all your misconceptions about how to make money away with Jen Sincero’s practical yet humorous advice. A winning combination of personal anecdotes about Sincero’s years being broke and the best practices that now let her make the big bucks. Find out how you can follow in her enriched footsteps.