Legal code in place to fight cybercrime

The legal code is ready to address issues related to cybercrime.
Legal professionals, however, have to update themselves with the provisions of law to give relief to their clients…

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Iran’s military chief in Turkey for Syria talks

ANKARA: Turkish and Iranian military leaders held talks on Wednesday over cooperation in the Syrian conflict and counter-terrorism, officials said, during a rare visit to Nato-memb…

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Damascus pledges to cooperate with probe

DAMASCUS: Syria will cooperate with visiting members of an international panel investigating a deadly April chemical weapons attack to prove it was not involved, the country’s depu…

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New life amid ruins of Mosul’s maternity hospital

MOSUL: As yet unnamed twin babies lie in an incubator in a run-down room in Mosul’s main maternity hospital. Less than two weeks old, they are two of seven newborns crammed into a …

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Khoula hospital removes metal from teenagers’s skull

A team from the plastic surgery and craniofacial unit in Khoula Hospital recently succeeded in removing a metal stake stuck in a critical area in the skull of 14-year-old boy, who …

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