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Beyond The Obvious

B Schools are breaking the age old two year programme template to meet the demand for niche skills.

After working for 12 years, Lakshmi Ravindran decided to take a break from work to look after her two children. Two years later, she decided to return to the corporate world and started looking for work. But there was a problem. While she was at home, the world had moved ahead, with the industry (her last job title was relationship manager, commercial banking, HSBC) swearing by buzzwords deep tech and blockchain, data analytics, et all. She knew she would have to reinvent herself. At a loss, sometime around August last year, she learnt that S.P. Jain Institute for Management Research, or SPJIMR, was starting a 12 month "Returning Women Programme." She decided to give what the school calls as the world's only such programme a shot. She is finding it enriching, albeit hectic, and says that only support from

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