A Granddaughter's Powerful Love Story, Told Through An Indian Cookbook

The author of Five Morsels of Love fondly remembers summers at her grandmother's house, where home-cooked meals nourished both body and soul. Now, she wants to share that culinary passion with others.

Archana Pidathala sorts through old recipes that belonged to her grandmother. "She never once complained or felt overwhelmed by the incredible amount of cooking she did for us," she says. Source: Courtesy of Archana Pidathala

Although she'd never cooked until her early thirties, food was always an integral part of Archana Pidathala's life. The author of the self-published cookbook, Five Morsels of Love, shortlisted earlier this year for the 2017 Art of Eating Prize, cherishes memories of long, languid summers spent at her grandmother's home in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Her grandmother, Nirmala Reddy, a cookbook author herself, asked her grandchildren every day what they wanted to eat for each meal. "She never once complained or felt overwhelmed by the incredible amount of cooking she did

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