Source: I was surprised to learn that rock climbing on the living sculptures that make up the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is permitted. There are a few rules, though: all climbers must fill out a free registration before climbing in the park and proper climbing equipment is mandatory. Details are on the Garden of the Gods website.

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”—Sir Edmund Hillary

Living in Colorado I’m surrounded by people who love extreme and adventure sports. Even though my time spent pursuing these activities has passed, I took advantage of these folks’ availability and opinions to put together my gear selections for this month’s column. All agreed that photographers pursuing the extremes needed three major categories of gear: drones, action cams, and camera harnesses. Here is our favorite equipment for shooting risky (and exciting) situations.


Much as GoPro may be the action cam for some people, DJI produces the go-to quadcopter or drone (if you insist) and is the gold standard in consumer drones with a price tag to match. The Mavic Pro ($999) features a flight control system that draws from a host of sensors—a ground-facing camera, an ultrasound, a GPS, dual redundant inertial measurement units, and more—to keep track of where it’s flying and even avoid collisions, something I’ve not yet managed to do. DJI’s GO mobile app lets you access settings, obtain a telemetry readout, view a low-latency

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