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Vegan Family Meals

Melissa King, author of Easy. Whole.Vegan. and creator of the blog My Whole Food Life, never imagined that she’d end up writing a cookbook or starting a food blog one day. “My idea of cooking was warming up store-bought veggie burgers,” says King, who was a vegetarian for

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If you’re battling insomnia, there’s hope. First, get a checkup to rule out sleep apnea or serious vitamin deficiencies, and consult with a holistic practitioner to address hormonal imbalances. Then practice good sleep hygiene: avoid excessive caffei
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Is Fruit Keeping You from Losing Weight?
Fruit got a really bad reputation when the low-carb movement started to take off. Fruit had its image badly bruised in the past few years, as more and more weight-loss experts tagged fruit, fruit juice, and soda as dietary sources of unnecessary suga
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Call them nuggets, dunkers, chips, or strips, those small pieces of chicken are smothered in batter, deep-fried, and made to be dipped. Why so much camouflage? Peel off the crispy coating, skip the dip, and the naked chicken is pretty flavor-free—and