power play

IN THE MID-1980S, AMERICANS WERE RETHINKING HEALTH and nutrition. The era brought us the bran muffin, Diet Coke and Jane Fonda’s workout tapes. It also saw the birth of the modern energy bar.

At the time, Canadian Olympic marathoner, Brian Maxwell was coaching track at UC Berkeley. The most advanced portable nutrition available was the granola bar, and Maxwell had

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THERE ARE RIDERS WHOSE HONOR-STUDENT CANINES WILL stick to a tire as well as their own shit does, but most trail dogs would never pass muster as riding buddies if they were human. And not just because they like to take dumps on the trail. The issue i
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THE LONE SLIVER OF SINGLETRACK SNAKING DOWN THE HILLside had been catching my eye for months after I moved into a new neighborhood—a dirt diversion as I ran mundane errands or merged onto the freeway headed to my old trail network. Each time, I promi
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HIGHTOWER LT X01/CARBON CC W/ RESERVE 30 WHEEL UPGRADE | $8,000 LAST YEAR, SANTA CRUZ ENDURO RACER MARK SCOTT ASKED about getting more travel out of his Hightower. EWS stages are rough and relentless, and 135 millimeters wasn’t cutting it. Santa Cruz