PETA Wants Vegans to Donate Their Poop

Fecal transplant has become the gold-standard treatment for some GI infections, which means first-rate stool is in high demand.

Good poop is hard to find. PETA has the answer.

Most vegans are happy to list the reasons why a plant-based diet is superior. Going strictly animal-free can reduce one’s carbon footprint, cut the risk for cancer and chronic diseases, prevent animal cruelty and provide an excuse to make a really great dessert.

But one thing that’s probably not on your average vegan’s list is that this restrictive diet improves the quality of one’s poop—at least according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). This week, the animal () infections and other potentially life-threatening gastrointestinal illnesses. In this experimental medical procedure, stool from a healthy person is transplanted to the gut of an ailing patient either in encapsulated pill form or through a colonoscopy.

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