Here’s how to become more self-aware — and more successful — at work and in life

How self-aware are you, really?

Are you a good worker? How do you sound when you talk at meetings? And how much would your coworkers agree if they heard your answers to those first two questions? While you might already know it’s important to project confidence and competence on the job, there’s a crucial aspect of career success that often (and perhaps ironically) gets overlooked: self-awareness.

Maybe it has never occurred to you to work on this trait — but it is well worth your efforts according to Tasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist and author of the book Insight, which focuses on how to use self-awareness proactively. “People who devote the time and energy to being more self-aware are going to be more successful at work and in life,” Eurich said.

Alas, the majority of people lack self-awareness — and don’t even realize it. For example, when researchers at examined the negotiation skills of MBA students and other adults surveyed

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