Scaling the Right Way: The Founders of Chopt, Dos Toros and Dig Inn Share Their Secrets

The leaders of these fast-casual restaurants explain why quickly scaling doesn't solve problems, the importance of collaboration and creating a career path for employees.

David Yellen

What’d you have for today? If you live on the East Coast, you may have grabbed a fresh marketbowl from or a salad from . Or maybe a folded quesadilla from . These brands are steady climbers in the fast-casual industry, which is now worth $50 billion. That may be a small slice of the $800 billion , but it’s growing fast and changing the mindset of eaters across the country by offering high-quality food, often sourced locally and always served quickly. And while it may take a place like Dos Toros less than a minute to build your burrito, the operation behind the scenes is an intricate web of challenges and good intentions. We brought Dig Inn founder Adam Eskin, Dos Toros co-founder Leo Kremer and Chopt

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