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Cooking Saviors Meet Your Shortcut

To be with Mark Scarbrough and Bruce Weinstein is to enter a world where food is fun and nothing can’t be made easier for the home cook. With 30 cookbooks to their names and counting — including The Great Big Pressure Cooker Book, The Great American Slow Cooker Book and, forthcoming in 2018, The Kitchen Shortcut Bible — the pair are naturals when it comes to simplifying, streamlining and, basically, making everything you cook taste better.

Who better, then, to lead the charge for Clean Eating’s next online cooking course, Shortcut Cooking, which will teach you how to do more with less, and then some.

Clean Eating: How did shortcut cooking become your “thing”?

We've been columnists on for 12 years, and we’ve found what readers are most interested in is not the complicated stuff. So we’ve always had a piece of our career that’s focused on how to cook quickly and easily.

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