How do you open an IRA? Your guide to start saving for retirement — in 30 minutes or less

You've got until April 18 to contribute to an IRA, which might lower your tax bill.

Maybe your job doesn't offer a 401(k)? Or maybe you like your plan at work, but want to save even more money — and get cool tax perks. Either way, an individual retirement account might be right for you. If you haven't filed your 2016 tax return yet, you've still got until April 18 to get moving on an IRA contribution that might lower your tax bill.

Unlike a 401(k), an IRA will follow you no matter where you work. That's nice because you don't have to roll the account over — which can be kind of a pain. Both the traditional IRA and the Roth IRA also come with tax benefits. 

Retirement accounts have what is called contribution limits, meaning that there's only so much money you can put into different types each year (a nice

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